Sports show | Biathlon: Hochfilzen biathlon stadium – 10km sprint


The yellow jersey

Now the overall World Cup leader with the number Vetle Sjaastad Christiansen is also on the track. The strong Frenchman Émilien Jacquelin and the second DSV starter Roman Rees are also on the way.


Bold in the standing position


Two tickets for Eder, one for Kühn

Pity! Simon Eder and Johannes Kühn both fail in the standing position. The Austrian misses two shots and falls back significantly. After a mistake, Kühn is still heading for a good result thanks to a strong mileage.


Favorite Samuelsson with one mistake


Error at Samuelsson, Stalder waived

Sebastian Samuelsson arrives with the best time in prone, but fires once and falls behind. Meanwhile, it is known that the Swiss Simon Stalder has decided not to start with the number 30.


Boldly on the go

Johannes Kühn has made a really strong race so far! The 30-year-old almost flies over the snow and is half a minute ahead of Simon Eder, who is also flawless.


Fast Swedes

The first split times already show that the Swedes are in top form today. Martin Ponsiluoma and Sebastian Samuelsson take Johannes Kühn from a few seconds. However, Ponsiluoma leaves a target at the shooting range, Samuelsson is not there yet.


Bold on the first shot


Kühn and Eder flawlessly!

It’s going to go well! first Simon Eder comes to the first shooting and takes the lead after a faultless series. A little later, Johannes Kühn also shows a squeaky clean shooting interlude and, thanks to the better running time, is clearly in the lead over Belarusian Dzmitry Lazouski (+10 seconds). Eder is currently fifth (+17 seconds).


Weger on the way

Now Switzerland is also represented in this sprint by Hochfilzen. Benjamin Weger recently impressed with two top ten places in Östersund.


A lot of wind when shooting Fak


The wind is picking up

Javok Fak is the first biathlete to come to the shooting range and has his problems there. The wind has picked up a lot, the flags are fluttering in the wind. Lying down, the Slovenian misses the fourth shot and has to go into the penalty loop.


First fragrance brand from Kühn

Johannes Kühn gets into the race well and quickly finds a decent rhythm. In the first intermediate time after 1.1 kilometers, the German is ahead of all eight competitors who started before him. Meanwhile, the Swede Sebastian Samuelsson, the first top favorite, who should attack this record, is taking to the track.


Eder and Kühn on the move

With Simon Eder and Johannes Kühn, two ski hunters from Austria and Germany also started the competition early. Both have Olympic qualifications in their pockets and can attack without a care.


The race starts with Jakov Fak


Fak opened

Jakov Fak from Slovenia has just opened the race with the number one. In almost exactly an hour, the Italian Dominik Windisch will be the last athlete to take to the track.


If the conditions are good, it starts!

Spectators are not allowed in Hochfilzen, but the conditions are good. In contrast to the last World Cup, this time you run on real natural snow, the wind is kept within limits.


Kati Wilhelm with the analysis of the transit times


Home game for the ÖSV

Austria’s head coach Ricco Groß can nominate a total of six players for the sprint on home ground. So far, 38-year-old Simon Eder, who stormed from 27th to sixth place in the Östersund pursuit, has been particularly convincing. Julian Eberhard has to miss the Hochfilzen station due to injury, but David Komatz, Felix Leitner, Magnus Oberhauser, Patrick Jakob and Lucas Pitzer are there.


Quartet from Switzerland

Switzerland is sending four athletes out on the track today. Benjamin Weger cracked the Olympic norm with two top ten places in Östersund and showed himself in good early form. Sebastian Stalder was able to collect his first World Cup counters at the World Cup opener. In addition, youngster Niklas Hartweg and veteran Eligius Tambornino compete for the Swiss.


German team unchanged

The German Ski Association sends the same six biathletes out on the track as in Östersund. Roman Rees, Erik Lesser, Benedikt Doll, Philipp Nawrath, Johannes Kühn and Philipp Horn all made a good impression at the start and are allowed to present themselves again. Rees, Nawrath and Kühn have already met the Olympic standard. The German men are still waiting for a top 5 placement this winter.


Scandinavian dominance

Five men’s competitions have already been completed this winter and all winners came from either Norway or Sweden. Vetle Sjaastad Christiansen won the last race at the first World Cup in Östersund and is just ahead of Sebastian Samuelsson in the World Cup, who struck twice at home. Both are also among the top favorites in Hochfilzen. Christiansen’s Norwegian compatriot Johannes Thingnes Bø and France’s number one Émilien Jacquelin are also a must.



Hello and welcome to the Biathlon World Cup in Hochfilzen! The elite will be visiting the Kitzbühel Alps for three days, starting at 11:25 a.m. with the men’s sprint over ten kilometers.

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Sports show | Biathlon: Hochfilzen biathlon stadium – 10km sprint