Sao Paulo Formula 1 Grand Prix: New penalty for Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton was the fastest in the qualifiers for the F1 Sprint.

But has no chance of pole position Sao Paulo Grand Prix in Formula 1.

Once again, the British have been hit by an engine penalty.

Fastest in the qualifiers (TT)

Lewis Hamilton is 19 points behind Max Verstappen with four races left. Tomorrow awaits the F1 Sprint and on Sunday the Sao Paulo Grand Prix in Formula 1. For Hamilton, there are two incredibly important opportunities to take points, he can not afford to lose more if he is to have a chance to reach an eighth World Cup title. But once again, the British have suffered a mishap. He has replaced the combustion part of the engine (ICE) for the fifth time this year. Each driver is allowed to make three changes, which means that he is punished with a five-place relegation at the start of the Sao Paulo GP on Sunday.

But before that, he will first start in the F1 Sprint on Saturday.

– It was so long since I was the fastest in a qualifier so it almost feels like my first, says Hamilton who has not been the fastest in a qualifier since the Hungarian GP this summer.

– Then we will see in the race, Max will probably only start on Sunday and then I will have to make the best of the situation and try to get up through the field.

Verstappen second – but position for pole

Sao Paulo Grand Prix and Formal 1
Verstappen with chance at pole position (TT)

Max Verstappen, Red Bull was second in the qualifiers and Valtter Bottas, Mercedes, third. The entire starting lineup Have you here.

– When they take a new engine, they have a little more power so it was no big shock that he was fast. I am happy to be second, it is good before the race, says Verstappen after the qualifier.

– I hope for a good first lap and then we will see, but the focus is on Sunday. It will be warmer and it will change the way the car behaves as well.

This is the second time in a short time that Hamilton has been subjected to an engine penalty. He got a new component for his power unit in Turkey a couple of weeks ago, but according to team manager Toto Wolff, there is nothing wrong with the engine but Mercedes wants two competitive engines until the end of the season. The older unit has lost too much in performance.
– We do not really know why this is so, but the internal combustion engine loses performance, Wolff says to Sky.
– In recent years, we have seen that the engine loses a certain number of kw when it has traveled more than 1000 km, but this year the engine loses more performance than previous years and it gets worse every week.

Heavy punishment before the Sao Paulo Grand Prix in Formula 1

Mercedes and their customer teams (McLaren, Aston Martin and Williams) have had major problems with engine reliability this year.
– If we had kept this engine, we would not have been able to fight for victories in Saudi Arabia and Abu Dhabi, says Wolff.

The engine penalty will be awarded in the Sao Paulo Grand Prix on Sunday, not in tomorrow’s F1 Sprint. There, Hamilton has his first starting position. This means that if he wins the F1 Sprint, he will start sixth in the race.

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Welcome tomorrow, when the F1 Sprint starts at 20.30.

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Sao Paulo Formula 1 Grand Prix: New penalty for Hamilton