Pad for events in indoor venues, Green pass at 6 months and outdoor masks

To participate in parties The balls from New Year’s the Super Green pass it will no longer be enough. In addition to being vaccinated, you will need to have performed a swab. It is one of the measures that the government is considering adopting to make safety rules even more stringent during the Christmas holidays, the strongest perhaps because it affects not the no vaxes (who have already been excluded from all recreational activities with the previous government decree) but who is in compliance with vaccinations. But the package that Draghi and the ministers are considering is wider, and also includes a reduction in the validity of the Green pass (six months instead of nine) and additional limits for non-immunized, who risk having to spend the rest of the holidays at home. Christmas and not even being able to go to shopping centers.

With unusual timing, the government announced for next Thursday the meeting of the control room in which the new measures will be defined to stem the Omicron variant that is frightening half of Europe. There is expectation for the results of the flash survey by the Istituto Superiore di Sanità which will publish the results on Thursday, as well as for the new guidelines that the European Commission has promised on the Green pass. But the announcement of the meeting given six days earlier seems to prepare the ground for the substantial abolition – except for work needs – of the Green pass that can be obtained with just a swab made in a pharmacy.

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The guide

The lowering of the duration of the Green pass from 9 to 6 months seems obvious and in line with what Brussels will recommend. “After 5 or 6 months the Green pass loses a bit of validity every day with respect to the circulation of the virus, if we were in low circulation it would not be a problem but today we must think of reducing the duration”, explained Guido Rasi, for example. former director of the European medicines agency (Ema) and today consultant to the commissioner for the Covid-19 emergency Francesco Paolo Figliuolo. There are many other hypotheses on the government table and all with the aim of preventing the Christmas celebrations, with dinners and parties indoors, from causing infections to explode. There is discussion about imposing the obligation of the mask outdoors, even if this could be left to the choices of the regional presidents who in many cases, as happened in Lazio, Veneto, Campania and Sicily, have already done so. Instead, access to shopping centers, and probably also to local public transport, will be allowed only to those who have the super Green pass, which is obtained following vaccination or recovery.

Among the measures that will be evaluated on Thursday – and probably limited to the Christmas period – there is therefore the obligation to exhibit the negative result of a swab to access the indoor premises, primarily discos, for parties and dinners. Not only the Super Green pass then, but also an antigen test carried out in the last 48 hours. A bit like it has already happened since last Wednesday for all travelers who want to enter the Peninsula. Also on the table is the extension of the vaccination obligation to those who work in contact with the public. Given the temporal proximity of the meeting of the control room compared to Christmas, it is unlikely that this close will already concern the 24th, 25th or 26th December. The goal is in fact to avoid dangerous gatherings during the New Year celebrations.

Meanwhile, yesterday, with the publication in the Official Journal of the relative decree, the mechanism that allows the revocation of the Green pass if the holder of the certificate is positive during the period of validity of the document became operational. Revocation which will then be automatically canceled following the issuance of the green healing certificate.


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Pad for events in indoor venues, Green pass at 6 months and outdoor masks