Outbreak of Covid cases in the Premier League: towards a postponement of the competition?

As Boris Johnson announced, England is hit by “a tidal wave”. As of Thursday, 88,376 new covid infections were detected. A record for the English. The Premier League is no exception: there were 42 positive cases between December 6 and 13 within clubs. And this figure is likely to increase sharply in the coming days. Nine clubs are particularly affected: Tottenham, Leicester, Manchester United, Aston Villa, Brighton, Norwich, Brentford, Burnley and Chelsea. At the start of the week, United and the Villans decided to close their training center in order to avoid a spread. Of course, nine games have been postponed as a result of this outbreak of covid cases so far.

How to avoid a complete temporary stoppage of the competition? The twenty Premier League clubs are trying to avoid the disaster scenario. They met urgently to establish a more drastic protocol. Since yesterday, for example, all players will have to carry out an antigen test in their own car. They will only get out of their vehicle if they are negative. In addition, they must be subjected to two PCR tests per week and strict daily rules (wearing a mask, respecting barrier gestures and physical distancing).

What do the actors want?

Fear in the stomach, the Premier League clubs hope that with these new measures, Boxing Day, a true religion in England, can take place. Despite these new restrictions, several coaches believe that a complete postponement of the next day would be the best decision. Starting with Brentford coach Thomas Frank. “We think we should postpone all Premier League games this weekend, Covid cases are going through the roof. Everyone has a problem right now.”, he confided in a press conference. Just before learning that several of his players had been infected. A video that has gone viral.

Strongly affected in his club, Brighton coach Graham Pottern is also campaigning for responsible action in the Premier League. “How long are we going to hold on like this?”, he asks. “Everyone wants football to continue. But health is clearly the most important thing. The speed at which the virus is spreading is very worrying. If this continues, we need to seriously think about suspending the Premier League.” A feeling shared by Benitez, the coach of Everton: “Everyone’s health is the most important thing. If we’re going to cancel games and get the right message out, we have to do it.”

This Thursday, the Blues received the Toffees at the Bridge with a split as a result. Just before the game, several players, including Romelu Lukaku, did not appear on the scoresheet while being infected. Present at a press conference, Thomas Tuchel spoke about a possible postponement. “We didn’t talk about it for a second”, he admitted. The German prefers above all not to waste his energy in political decisions. “How would we like to have all of our players? Yes, of course. Do we suffer if we don’t have them? Of course. But in football there isn’t just one reason for the lack results as we are experiencing right now. We need to stand united and focus on the game rather than political sports decisions. “

Jurgen Klopp also gave his opinion after his side won against Newcastle. “I don’t see the huge advantage of stopping the season halfway”, does he think. “But there could be an overhaul of the League and Cup schedule”, he concluded.

The different coaches are therefore divided on the question. In this kind of case, everyone preaches for their parish. How long will the Premier League hold out? Response within the next few days or weeks.

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Outbreak of Covid cases in the Premier League: towards a postponement of the competition?