Only electric multispaces for Peugeot, Citroën and Opel

From the January price lists onwards, it will be possible to order only electric versions of the multispaces produced by the three Stellantis brands. Fiat awaits the new Ulysse which, upon arrival in spring, will also be diesel

With each passing day, it should be said, the power supply appears more and more like a road with no return. For example, from the parts of Stellantis, multi-space vehicles, that is a variant of an MPV body with sliding rear doors and generally three standard rows of seats, are starting to abandon thermal engines since the beginning of this year. In other words: starting from the January 2022 price lists, the models in this segment produced by Peugeot, Citroën and Opel for private customers in Europe will only be sold in the electric version. Any thermal units still available are in stock, that is, already produced previously and waiting to be sold. Once those are finished, no more will be assembled. At the moment there are no communications on the matter from Fiat, also because the Italian brand is awaiting the entry on the market, scheduled for the first quarter of 2022, of the new Ulysse, configured with both thermal and electric engines.

Electric minivans: Peugeot e-Rifter and Peugeot e-Traveler

Peugeot e-Rifter is the most compact MPV with the lion mark. In the Standard body version it has a length of 4,403 mm and a wheelbase of 2,785 mm, while in the Long version the measurements increase to 4,753 and 2,975 mm respectively. Both can carry five people or seven as an option. The motor is identical, the permanent magnet synchronous with 100 kW / 136 Hp and 260 Nm of torque. The battery allows an autonomy on the combined cycle Wltp of 245 km. The turnkey list prices for Italy, excluding incentives, range from 36,150 to 40,850 euros. At the high end of the market is the Peugeot e-Traveler. Three versions of length and wheelbase: Compact (4,609 and 2,925 mm), Standard (4,959 and 3,275 mm) and Long (5,306 and 3,275 mm). Same engine as the Rifter, two battery cuts for ranges of 230 and 330 km Wltp. Prices range from 50,150 to 65,900 euros.

Electric MPVs: Citroën ë-Berlingo and Citroën ë-SpaceTourer

Citroën ë-Berlingo (our test here) is the compact model, length 4,753 mm and two wheelbase versions: M 2,785 mm and XL 2,975 mm, the latter also with seven seats as an option. The electric motor is always the same, 136 HP of power. Autonomy 280 km Wltp (provisional data). List prices from 34,100 to 40,600 euros. On the upper level we find Citroën ë-SpaceTourer. Three combinations of length and wheelbase: XS (4,606 and 2,925 mm), M (4,956 and 3,275 mm) and XL (5,306 and 3,275 mm). Carries six to nine people. Motor identical to the other models shown here. Two battery cuts for ranges of 230 and 330 km. List prices from 51,850 to 64,450 euros, excluding any incentives.

Electric multispaces: Opel Combo e-Life, Opel Zafira e-Life and Opel Vivaro e-Life

Opel Combo e-Life opens the range of electric multispaces proposed by the German brand. Two variants of dimensions: S (length 4.403 mm and wheelbase 2.785 mm) and M (length 4.753 mm and wheelbase 2.977 mm). It carries five or seven people. Stellantis electric motor unchanged, autonomy 245 km Wltp. List prices from 37,505 to 40,305 euros. You go up with Opel Vivaro e-Life. Three versions of length and wheelbase: S (4,609 and 2,925 mm), M (4,959 and 3,275 mm) and L (5,306 and 3,275 mm). Carries six to nine people. Identical engine, two battery cuts, always 231 km autonomy. Prices from 46.830 to 54.530 euros. At the top of the range we find Opel Zafira e-Life. The M variant has a length of 4,959 mm and a wheelbase of 3,275 mm, the L measures 5,306 and 3,275 mm respectively. Motor similar to the others; battery in two versions, always 231 km autonomy. Prices from 53,160 to 67,360 euros.

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Only electric multispaces for Peugeot, Citroën and Opel