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The guests had the upper hand at the beginning of the first third, but they did not prepare a clear chance. Olomouc then leveled the game and scored the first bigger chance in the 13th minute, when Krošelj watched Dujsík’s shot and the subsequent scrum. At the end of Strapáč, the visiting goalkeeper was lucky, because the attempt of the Olomouc striker stopped the upper bars of his goal.

The Central Czechs responded immediately, but Lukáš neutralized both Kelemen’s two missiles and Kousal’s end in close proximity. Mladá Boleslav opened the score during a power play of five against three, when Ševc shot the home goalkeeper with a sharp shot. In an ongoing power play, Kousal could have raised from a similar spot, but only hit the side net.

The author of the first goal, Ševc, shot dangerously during the overtime also at the beginning of the second period, but this time he narrowly missed. Krošelj then scored a difficult intervention, neutralizing Krejčí’s separate escape. The series of promising opportunities continued in quick succession with Boleslav’s Kousal shooting into the home goal post and Krošelje’s intervention against Knotka’s attempt from close range.

Just halfway through the match, Mladá Boleslav got into a two-goal lead, taking advantage of the visitors’ team with a shot from the Kelemen ring. Olomouc could immediately use the power play, but Krejčí’s shot only aimed right next to the left pole.

Photo: Luděk Peřina, ČTK

From left, Olomouc goalkeeper Jan Lukáš and Jakub Kotala from Mladá Boleslav.Photo: Ludek Perina, CTK

The home team saw a reduction up to three minutes before the end of the second period, after Kusek’s individual action the puck arrived behind the goal line Tomeček. But less than half a minute of play did not pass and Boleslav regained the two-goal lead thanks to the power play and Stránský’s successful shot.

The skaters were able to bounce back to the difference of three goals after five minutes of the third period, when the puck stopped at the pole of Lukáš’s goal when renumbering two against one. Instead, Olomouc immediately reduced, and Klimek aimed exactly at the pole during the power play. In the next minute and a half, Kusko managed to push through from the pre-goal area and it was leveled.

Photo: Luděk Peřina, ČTK

From left: Jan Knotek from Olomouc, Tomáš Fořt from Mladá Boleslav and goalkeeper Gašper Krošelj from Mladá Boleslav.Photo: Ludek Perina, CTK

However, Mladá Boleslav managed to take the lead back again, after emphasizing the goal area and a successful finish, he scored the fourth goal of the Bičevskis guests. In addition, the skaters were able to go into the two-goal lead again, when Fořt’s pass in front of the goal slid to the goal of the home goal. Even so, the guests scored three points.

31st round of the hockey extra league:
HC Olomouc – BK Mlada Boleslav 3: 4 (0: 1, 1: 2, 2: 1)
Goals and recordings: 37. V. Tomeček (Kusko, T. Černý), 46. Klimek (J. Káňa, Krejčí), 47. Kusko (Klimek, Rašner) – 18. Ševc (Pospíšil), 31. Kelemen (Lunter, A. Raška), 39. J. Stránský (Pride, Fořt), 50. Bičevskis (Pride, Eberle). Judges: Hradil, Veselý – Frodl, Komárek. Exclusion: 7: 7. Utilization: 1: 2. Attendance: 1000 (limited number).
Olomouc: Lukáš – T. Černý, Ondrušek, Švrček, Rašner, Dujsík, Řezníček – V. Tomeček, Krejčí, J. Káňa – Navrátil, J. Knotek, Klimek – Bambula, Kolouch, Strapáč – Kunc, Nahodil, Kusko. Coaches: Moták and Tomajko.
Mladá Boleslav: Krošelj – Ševc, Pýcha, Pláněk, Bernad, Lintuniemi, Jánošík, Šidlík – P. Kousal, O. Najman, Kotala – Kantner, Fořt, Pospíšil – Kelemen, A. Raška, Lunter – J. Stránský, Bičevskis, Eberle . Coaches: Rulík and Patera.

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Olomouc – Jr. Boleslav 3: 4, Hanáci did not reach the points, decided Bičevskis – Sport.cz