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There have been a number of problems in recent days. Javier Toledo, who was to face the American grizzly Jeremy Kimball, first dropped out of the announced tournament. The American did not agree to a possible compensation and he will not introduce himself in the cage either. But the problems did not end there. On the contrary, they started. Just a few days before the gala evening itself, Olga Rubinová was tested positive for covid-19. Her duel with Lucie Szabová will not happen that way either. And to make matters worse, This Primera also reported problems. OKTAGON MMA thus had to react to unexpected changes. And he came up with a surprising news. For the first time in its history, two tournaments will take place in one evening.

The popular OKTAGON Underground will return to the event for the spectators, which will take the place of the canceled matches. It will be four fights in small gloves, presented by the most seasoned fighters in the position. Denis Farkaš, Andrej Šimkulič, Andy Čechovský, Adrian Tadlánek, Nikolas Krivák, Radek Roušal, Jakub Mikovčák and Tomáš Cigánik will gradually go into the event.

It is after this tournament that the expected OKTAGON 30 will take place. In addition, the jubilee tournament puts the champion’s belt into play for the first time in history. Tereza Bledá and Brazilian Mabelly Lima will compete against each other in a women’s fly weight. The latter, however, had a big problem with weight, she did not meet the weight limit by more than two kilograms. According to the latest information, she should have a second chance tomorrow. If the Brazilian didn’t make it this time either, all of a sudden only Bledá would fight for the title. In short, a similar situation as in the duel between Carlos Vémola and Milan Ďatelinka.

“I kind of thought she wasn’t weighing down as she sat here. She looked bad. Two kilograms isn’t something I wouldn’t take.

In addition, Pale will bear the invincibility of the match. In addition, in his twenties, he can reach for the championship belt. But it will not be easy at all. Lima has ten fights behind her and has only lost once. This was the case two years ago, when she unsuccessfully fought for a contract in the famous UFC.

Of course, the eyes of the spectators will also belong to Matěj Peňáz. The Czech bomber is also adorned with invincibility, in addition, he managed to finish all previous matches in the first round. He had to forget the long-awaited spicy duel with Vlasta Čep for the second time, instead of the Slovak wrestler, Cheick Koné, who has almost thirty matches to his credit, will face him. Will the audience see a knockout from one side or the other?

Matúš Juráček will go into battle for the third time this year. Slavist, as Juráček is nicknamed, will share it with Robert Pukač. The Czech-Slovak war, which promises an attractive and interesting duel. However, Juráček will go into the match with a five-match series of wins, while Pukač would like to start the winning series. But it will not be easy at all. Many expect a long battle that can extend to all three rounds. Will it really be so?

Jakub Tichota is also running. The Czech talent still did not taste the bitterness of the defeat and will want to keep this business card even after the fight with the tough Polish beater Dawid Kareta. While the Czech wrestler ended all his matches before the limit, the Pole waged much longer battles. In the cage, however, he also managed to defeat the talented Tadeáš Růžička. How will you do this time in a duel with another Czech super-talent?

Daniel Dittrich reports again in a single month. The Czech heavyweight shot down the Norwegian Viking Thomas Narma at the beginning of December. Now he will try something similar against Tadej Dajčman as well. Daniel Škvor, who will challenge Brazilian Jonathan Azeved for a change, will not want to be left behind either.

The tournament in the Brno fortress starts at 18:00. The whole evening can be watched via paid broadcast on the website oktagon.tv.

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OKTAGON has prepared a surprise! The first women’s title is also in the game – Sport.cz