Off to the G20 with Biden, Draghi and the other leaders. Cleared sit-in near the red zone: the live news

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The summit between the heads of state and government starts today, here is the news from the capital

It leaves today, Saturday 30, a Roma, the G20, the meeting between the leaders of 20 of the richest countries, emerging economies and some international institutions, which together represents over 80% of world GDP and 60% of the planet’s population. After a preliminary day of bilateral meetings, how’s that between Prime Minister Draghi and US President Biden, today the summit officially starts at the Euro congress center. Here is the latest news, live

10.37 am – The German Chancellery Merkel arrived in Rome

The German Chancellor Angela Merkel is in Rome for the G20 summit. The special plane of the «Bundesrepublik», with the Chancellor on board, landed at Fiumicino airport shortly before 10.30.

10.02 am – Boris Johnson, passionate about Roman history, visits the Colosseum

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson begins the first day of the G20 in Rome by nurturing one of his greatest passions, the history of ancient Rome, with a stop at the Colosseum. An extraordinary opportunity for the British leader, almost the perfect seal at the end of this year of close collaboration between Italy and the United Kingdom, with the shared responsibility of the respective G20 and G7 presidencies, therefore the work side by side for the organization of the COP26 of Glasgow. Therefore, the Italian Ministry of Culture and the Prime Minister could not “give” this moment to their partner Johnson, a profound connoisseur of Roman history to whom he dedicated various volumes, before kicking off the busy program of the summit.

Over 9.50 – Draghi welcomes leaders to the Cloud: today bilateral with Johnson, Erdogan and Trudeau

Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi has begun welcoming leaders to the Cloud for the G20. The director general of the WTO was among the first to arrive Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala and the WHO director general Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus. The first bilateral opening of the G20 by Prime Minister Mario Draghi, host at the Rome summit, is the one with the UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who is starting now. At 2 pm Draghi will hold the expected meeting with the President of Turkey, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, therefore at 2.35 pm he will see the Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau.

8.20 am – Demonstrators cleared, but the sit-in continues

The police cleared the demonstrators of the “Climate camp” who were sitting in the central lane of Via Cristoforo Colombo in Rome, blocking traffic towards the center. The activists allowed themselves to be lifted by passive resistance. At the moment the middle lane has been cleared while the demonstrators continue to occupy the side lane, sitting or lying on the asphalt. “If it doesn’t change, we’ll block the city,” climate activists scream. On the spot armored vehicles and riot gear. The demonstrators, after the blockade on Via Colombo, moved to go under the Ministry of the Environment escorted by the police.

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Off to the G20 with Biden, Draghi and the other leaders. Cleared sit-in near the red zone: the live news