No green pass in Milan, Piazza Duomo prohibited: tensions with the police, 257 identified

from Cesare Giuzzi

Massive deployment of police forces, all downtown banned. The groups isolated, the first activists stopped. Identify several people. A woman who fell to the ground and was dragged away by the police. Another lady who refused to give the documents bit a police officer

Piazza Fontana armored for the 18th No green pass event in Milan. Small trucks, flashing lights and safety filter. As early as 4 pm on Saturday 20 November, the police stopped and identified the demonstrators who arrived in the area. Each small group of people was identified and invited to leave the square. Some militants No pass they tried to resist and were stopped by the police. Different demonstrators who had not managed to reach Piazza Fontana, about a hundred, they headed towards Piazza Duomo in a sort of procession screaming Libert. The police closed the access to the square with a cordon in front of the Royal Palace. There were tensions and contacts between the demonstrators and the police. Other small groups of demonstrators gathered behind the cordon, then, in Piazza Duomo: there were other stops by the police. Many insulted the agents and some of them were taken away by the police. The final toll was one of the highest of the last marches: 257 identified, 49 fines for the occupation of urban areas, 31 removal orders, the initiation of procedures for two Daspo and two demonstrators, a 57-year-old and a 62-year-old, under investigation for resistance. Instead, a woman bit a police officer on the finger in an attempt not to be identified.

The identified

A sixty demonstrators have been identified in Piazza Duomo. This was announced by a press release from the police headquarters: This afternoon in Milan, without any prior notice of the demonstration being presented at the police station, some demonstrators they converged in dribs and drabs in piazza Duomo and piazza Fontana where, between 4 pm and 5 pm, the State Police identified about sixty of them inviting them to leave Piazza Duomo. Subsequently – continues the note – a few hundred demonstrators gathered in Piazza Fontana, walking along Via Carlo Martini, were blocked by the device prepared by the Milan police headquarters while they were trying to access Piazza Duomo. The public order system organized by the police headquarters is monitoring the confused groups in the crowd in Piazza Duomo.

After identifying the most agitated activists, the police proceeded to complaints and fines. In particular, during a couple of interventions, there were difficult moments with insults aimed at the agents who accompanied those stopped at cars for complaints, especially when a woman who fell to the ground and was dragged away by the police. In another case, another lady who refused to give the documents, opposing fierce resistance, also bit a police officer.

The protesters

At around 8 pm, the no green passes left Piazza del Duomo in dribs and drabs after the police have isolated and dispersed the largest groups. In some cases, about ten, the most agitated or controversial protesters were denounced and sanctioned. On all occasions the other anti-green certification showed solidarity by shouting Shame on the police officers.

The police device

The deployment of police vehicles and operators, carabinieri and financial police in Piazza Duomo was impressive, area closed to events according to the provisions of the Interior Ministry. However, few No passes who tried to gather in Piazza Fontana answering like this to the appeal circulated in the past few hours through the Telegram chats: Decisive day. The objective of the police headquarters was to prevent the demonstrators from gathering in the square and, as seen last Saturday, to try to isolate the various groups.

Safety and inconvenience

Yet another difficult Saturday for traders, said Marco Barbieri, general secretary of Confcommercio, who estimated the possible losses of 4.2 million euros, given the proximity of Christmas.

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No green pass in Milan, Piazza Duomo prohibited: tensions with the police, 257 identified