New corona regulation in Lower Saxony: Strict rules around Christmas

The corona situation remains tense. The government in Lower Saxony has now decreed a Christmas break. The rules will also be tightened beforehand. What is true now?

Hanover – Lower Saxony plays it safe: Because of the high number of infections, strict corona rules apply in the north around Christmas. So the state government is planning Christmas rest from Christmas Eve to January 2, 2022, according to which discos will close and events with fewer people will be allowed. This was announced by Prime Minister Stephan Weil (SPD) on Friday at the presentation of the new corona regulation for Lower Saxony, which comes into force from the weekend and contains strict rules for unvaccinated people. “The fourth wave is not over, we can’t tick that off yet,” said Weil.

Federal state: Lower Saxony
Surface: 47.709,82 km²
Resident: 8,003,421 (as of December 31, 2020)
Prime Minister: Stephan Weil (SPD)
Minister of Education: Grant Hendrik Tonne (SPD)

the Corona infection numbers in Lower Saxony have been declining for a few days, which is now also reflected in the seven-day incidence, but hospital admissions and deaths related to Covid-19 infections are rising continuously. The authorities reported for Friday, December 10, 2021 in Lower Saxony 20 new deaths.

Corona regulation in Lower Saxony: Christmas rest should rule on the holidays

This is an increase of 25 percent compared to the Thursday of the previous week (16 deaths), which is why the new Corona regulation has also been passed. There are also more deaths at the federal level, namely 484. In addition, there is a steady increase in hospitalization and increasing occupancy of intensive care beds in the country.

The discrepancy between new infections on the one hand and death rates and hospital admissions on the other hand is explained by the delayed infection process. Since the incubation period for the coronavirus can be up to 14 days, the situation in the clinics only emerges with a delay. The current relaxation will therefore not be noticeable in the clinics around Christmas at the earliest.

Lower Saxony’s Prime Minister Stephan Weil (SPD, right) and Minister of Education Grant Hendrik Tonne (SPD) announced the tightened corona rules in Hanover on Friday afternoon. (Archive image)

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Lower Saxony tightened the corona rules with a new corona regulation

In order to get a better grip on the pandemic over the holidays, in Lower Saxony The corona rules tightened again. That said on Friday afternoon, December 10th, 2021, Prime Minister Stephan Weil (SPD) and Education Minister Grant Hendrik Tonne (SPD) announced at a press conference in Hanover in the course of the resolutions for the new Corona regulation. This decision leads to the fact that Lower Saxony is a nationwide “special way” in the fight against Corona* moves.

So it will be nationwide 2G introduced in retail from Sunday. From now on, only those who have been vaccinated or recovered will be allowed to go shopping in Lower Saxony. The so-called “basic providers” are excluded from this. So pharmacies, Supermarkets or drug stores. Unvaccinated people are still allowed to enter here. What, when and how with the introduction of the new Corona regulation applies, reveals

Tightened Corona measures: That will change with the Corona Regulation from Saturday, December 11, 2021 in Lower Saxony

  • Strict contact restrictions for unvaccinated persons: one household plus two other people from another household. Children under the age of 14 do not count. Children’s birthdays are still possible.
  • Private meetings (only for vaccinated and convalescent people) from warning level 3 and in hotspot regions with an incidence of 350 new infections, in future only up to an upper limit of 50 people indoors and 200 people outdoors.
  • At events in warning level 3 and in hotspot regions, the Obligation to wear an FFP2 mask apply, even when seated. The permitted events should be “smaller”. In warning level 1 and below, only events up to 5000 people inside and 10,000 outside are allowed, but from 2500 people inside or 5000 people outside only with a maximum occupancy of 30 percent. In warning level 2, only events with up to 2500 people inside and 5000 people would be permitted and inside Warning level 3 or hotspot regions only up to 500 people.
  • A general ban is in Warning level 3 and in regional hotspots also apply to trade fairs.
  • Christmas markets and discos have to be in Warning level 3 and close in all regional hotspots.
  • As decided at the last Prime Minister’s Conference, the Access to retail from warning level 2 limited to vaccinated and recovered people. This should not apply to basic supply stores and pharmacies.
  • Everywhere in However, retailers should have a strict obligation to wear an FFP2 mask from warning level 2 give. That would also be in the ÖPNV be valid.
  • From warning level 3 and in regional hotspots, they will also take effect in the future outside the specifications of the 2G plus rule.

Tightened corona measures in Lower Saxony: relief all with booster vaccination

  • One Relief affects people who already have a booster vaccination have received.
  • In addition, in warning level 2, the owners of restaurants or the providers of body-related services as well as event organizers should have the opportunity to to forego additional tests, if only 70 percent of the capacity is used. Then applies in these institutions the 2G rule instead of the 2G plus rule. at The 2G rule applies to body-hugging services wherever there is never more than one person providing service and one customer in small businesses. However, it is different with prostitution: there it always remains with the 2G plus rule.
  • For indoor sports, the opportunity is given If there is a limit of 10 square meters per person doing sports, tests should also not be carried out. There, too, the 2G rule remains.

Weil defended the strict procedure in Lower Saxony. Compared to other federal states, they are in a better position. But that shouldn’t hide the danger that the corona virus still poses. Compared to the previous year, Lower Saxony also had the highest incidence in the history of the pandemic, Weil pointed out. In particular, the advance of the Omikron variant could exacerbate the situation enormously.

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“It may be that at the beginning of the year we will find ourselves in a challenge that we haven’t had before,” said Weil. Against this background, the arrangement of the Christmas rest is more than justified – even if Lower Saxony going it alone must undertake.

On this basis, the state can then not only limit the number of people at events to 25, close discos and ban dance events. In addition, compulsory attendance at schools will be suspended. Parents can remove the students from class three days before the start of the holiday.

2G at the hairdresser: court overturns corona rule for unvaccinated people

Another planned tightening decided the higher regional court and overturned 2G at the hairdresser and other body-hugging services inappropriate and, taking into account the corona infection, not a necessary protective measure for the state of Lower Saxony. Thus, after the judgment, too 2G at the hairdresser’s are now unvaccinated again get your hair cut. * and are offers from IPPEN.MEDIA.

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New corona regulation in Lower Saxony: Strict rules around Christmas