Neither the crash in the Champions League nor the case of wiretapping overthrew Slavia from the throne. So far … –

Slavia suffered from numerous absences at the beginning of autumn. The players who completed the European Championships were given a longer holiday and then found it difficult to catch up. “It was not an easy autumn for Slavia. He has a lot of representatives in the staff and without the necessary effect, the fatigue manifested itself, “reflects Jan Suchopárek, a former defender of Slavia and now the coach of the national team of twenty-one.

Without key men like Holeš, Masopust or Bořil, the defending champion suffered. “We will be better, we need time,” Slavia coach Jindřich Trpišovský reassured when his team won, but the game was very far from the performance of the reigning Czech champions.

The problems were most pronounced in the battles for the Champions League, followed by the European League. Ferencváros Budapest stood Slavia on the way between the club cream of the old continent. However, the played game of the Czech champions without goal spice was not enough to advance. “But the Champions League was not taken over by the forced changes, especially in the defensive. The most pressing problem on the European scene was productivity, “says Suchopárek.

To this were added the mistakes of the previously unshakable number one Ondřej Kolář. “In Budapest, the balloon jumped his leg. It is a pity. A moment you won’t do anything about. Of course, it subsequently has a great effect on the psyche and is reflected in other matches. But it must be seen that in previous months he has caught fantastically, even magically. In each match, he actually had an intervention from the realm of dreams. And his bulletproof series is unique. It was clear that it must turn around one day, “Suchopárek recalls.

Slavia failed to make up for the ruin even in the fight with the Warsaw Legion. And although the lot of the Conference League gave the Prague residents attractive opponents, the taste of unsuccessful qualifying fights did not disappear. Not to mention economic losses.

That’s why Slavia had to sell two jewels. David Zima went to Turin, Abdallah Sima to Brighton. Combined with Kudela’s injury, Slavia was virtually defenseless. And building a new defensive line brought big problems. The defending team of the title suffered and thus the whole game.

However, Slavia emerged from the troubles stronger than ever. She lost only one match in the league in the whole autumn, the derby with Sparta. She found out that she could easily rely on someone other than Ondřej Kolář, because Aleš Mandous gradually turned to excellent performances and performed an intervention in each match, which was a reference to a point gain. “He has long been one of the best goalkeepers in Sigma in the Czech Republic. He plays great with his feet and you just need a quality pass in modern football, “says Suchopárek.

Slavia included players in the team who were to be prepared for the more distant future. With a view to the needs of the Czech national teams, young Samko was particularly pleased. “She is a great talent. He has excellent skills in penetrating passes and in the final stage. But it still has reserves in defensive tasks, “says Suchopárek, the rising star of the Slavia reserve line, who, after fifty-four league matches, recognized the bitterness of defeat when it was not enough in the Sparta derby. fourteen matches.

Despite a single loss and only three draws, she has a single point ahead of the winter break. Compared to previous years, when Slavia reached the title, the thing is completely unprecedented. “I think he is at the forefront of the competition. But spring will definitely be extremely exciting, “Suchopárek is looking forward to.

Quite possibly more worries than the tight lead in the league competition were caused by Roman Berbr’s wiretaps, according to which domestic champions from the last three seasons were in active contact with the former FAČR vice-president, whom they allegedly promised a million-dollar bribe for the title in spring 2019. Boss Slavie Jaroslav Tvrdík refused any unfair conduct. Will the title champion catch up with the shadow of the “doubtful” past during the spring?

What worked?
+ The only loss in the first league and first place before the winter break.
+ Incorporation of substitutes. Mandous, Kačaraba, Ousou or Samek became mainstays.
+ Series 724 minutes without conceded goal.
What went wrong?
+ Absence in the Champions League and the European League.
+ Rulers of Prague? Past! After years, Slavia lost the derby with Sparta.
+ The shadow of the corruption case

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Neither the crash in the Champions League nor the case of wiretapping overthrew Slavia from the throne. So far … –