Najla Aqdeir between the athletics track and … two wheels: “Me and my Ducati Monster”

26-year-old middle-distance runner of Libyan origin who has been living and training in Italy for 16 years. Najla Aqdeir loves to run with her legs, but she is also becoming passionate about two wheels. And who knows that one day he won’t hit the track with the bike

Emanuele Bigi

Najla tell us about this passion. We know you’re studying to get your driver’s license
“Exactly, I’m throwing myself into this world that thrills me a lot. When I turn on the engine it loads me up and therefore I decided to take this path on two wheels. It all started from my obsession with looking at the motorcycles that pass under me. eyes”.

What kind of bikes do you like to stare at?
“The paranoia is the color: I don’t know why but my bike had to be red, a color that doesn’t go unnoticed. Of this I was sure”

You’re about to get your license with a Monster
“It’s the bike that suits me best because it’s a sporty one, and as a sporty one I couldn’t have chosen better.”

Why did you choose a Ducati Monster?
“They actually surprised me: I found it at the sports center where I train. I didn’t expect it and it took me a month to sober up and really understand that I was becoming a motorcyclist. clear ideas: the bike was just a passion, a very distant desire, then I found it there “.

And now?
“I don’t understand anything about motorcycles, that’s why I would like to share this passion with others and learn many things. I only know that my bike is a weakened Ducati Monster, so I can use it even as a newly licensed one, it’s red and it’s beautiful”.

You told us that motorbikes gas you. Is it like when you hit the track?
“Yes, when I see it it triggers that feeling that I often associate with demanding workouts, I don’t mean a race, but an important test to then get on track. It’s a double feeling of happiness and energy: I can’t wait to drive it, to go fast and open the throttle “.

Where does this passion come from?
“A friend and manager of the sports center is very passionate, he has several vintage motorcycles and he invited me several times to the rallies. One day I went there with my scooter and I discovered the world of motorcyclists. Everyone wanted to talk about their bike. I met several people and thanks to their passion I said to myself: “This is what I need.” I’ve always had my fifties and I’ve never wanted a car because two wheels give me a feeling of freedom that belongs to me. Then came the desire to have the bike “.

How many mopeds have you had?
“I had three scooters. The first was a pink and white Capri, it looked like a sugared almond, there were only two in the whole of Milan. It was easy to recognize me – he laughs -. I used it for three years, then I got a Liberty and now I have a Kymco “.

What do you dream of doing with your Monster?
“One day I would like to try to ride it on the track. I would like to understand the feelings of an athlete used to competing, to understand what the differences are. Today I am here to tell you that I do not understand much about bikes, one day maybe I will tell what it means to get off the bike. on the track with two wheels “.

Do you also dream of going on a trip?
“It’s been a while since I started dreaming. Before I dreamed of the bike and of using it around Milan aimlessly, now something in me has changed: now I would like to go to athletics races on motorcycles, to the Italian Championships and show people that yes can organize your own bag and a motorbike vacation. I would like to do it with my closest friends who often carry gigantic suitcases for a week of travel. The motorbike also puts you on the line with yourself, it makes you think about what things are essential and which ones are not “.

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Najla Aqdeir between the athletics track and … two wheels: “Me and my Ducati Monster”