“My children are dead, you can kill yourself but …”: the rebirth of Lory Del Santo

From its beginnings as a valley at the Festivalbar in 1975 to today time has passed, but Lory Del Santo, 63 springs, continues to maintain a curiosity towards anything, as if it were still the beginning of his working adventure. “If you have no plans in life, it means that you are close to death. I’m looking for an idea that makes me reborn, that can fuel my mental excitement, “he tells us.

Meanwhile, in her book “Happiness as an optional” (Giraldi publisher) which she defines as “an autobiography of thoughts”, she tells stories and moments of her life since childhood, retraces joys and sorrows, and makes us participate in her reflections on love, success, sex. All deliberately without a pre-established chronological order and, sometimes, maintaining a certain mystery about characters and places.

Let’s start with the title, why an optional?

“Because happiness is available to everyone but it must be interpreted and understood in order to conquer it. There are people who have money, health, work and yet are unhappy. We have the task of choosing, which is why it is an optional, like those for cars” .

How therapeutic is writing?

“I think it’s a predisposition, there are people who can’t write more than one line. I don’t think it’s a therapeutic act, but more a selfish act, a desire to be remembered, to remind ourselves of the power of our thinking. You write for yourself, then it is clear that if you have great talent you can make money “.

He writes that beauty should be eternal. She is still very beautiful, what do you do to keep fit?

“We need a preventive operation. Arriving at a certain age and wondering what can be done is wrong, because at that point there is only surgery. But if we start around sixteen years to enhance this heritage that is our body , here the results arrive. The skin is more hydrated and young, the wrinkles are less pronounced, the physique is more athletic. You need to have a common thread throughout your life, always be sporty, not eat too elaborate things, such as sauces. Make-up is fundamental but it’s like washing a cloth every day, by dint of washing it you make holes. You need to put on make-up only on certain occasions and let your skin breathe on other days. Do not use too many detergents, but alternate showering with just water. These are my simple tips “.

Have you ever received heavy comments on social media?

“It happens often but I immediately block followers who exaggerate and have to redo a new account if they want to continue. But if I receive thirty compliments and two insults, the balance always tilts towards the best”.

She stated that her mother often did not approve of her aspirations. How would he have liked the relationship with her?

“Surely more trust, the one she lacked. She did not believe that I could do something alone. Yet she did everything by herself, because she was widowed very early, but she belongs to that generation for which the woman must find a man to settle down “.

You were a mother who suffered a lot from the loss of her children, how do you “survive” something so unnatural?

“This is precisely happiness as an option. You have the option of killing yourself, because there is no alternative to escape the grip of pain, or to increase the value of the capital that is left. As I did. Life is unique. and for this I have to try to make it last as long as possible, with all that includes, even the pain.

Between the lines of his book we read “I would like to be able to write about all the lovers I have had, even if many of them would not make a good impression”. In what sense?

“Of course I’m not talking only about sexual services, but about the way they treat women, they want an object woman”.

She lives with a man younger than her, Marco Cucolo, 30 years old. Is there any time when the age difference weighs on you?

“I don’t believe in the concept that the age difference doesn’t matter. It really counts, only there are moments where you don’t feel it. Of course there are impulses that with the passing of the years are no longer the same and then it can weigh. for me it hasn’t arrived yet, but I suspect it will be for a few more years (and laughs, ed). However I’m not worried, everyone has to live their own life, at their own pace “.

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“My children are dead, you can kill yourself but …”: the rebirth of Lory Del Santo