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Bezesportu legend of the Czech-Slovak MMA. Ivan “Buki” Buchinger has played more than forty-five matches. During his career, he also struggled with the legendary Conor McGregor. Buchinger moved back to the domestic scene last year, where he managed to win two titles. After a light weight, he also added a belt in a spring weight. However, the Slovak still did not have enough and a third title chance was looming. This time in the fair weight, where the champion David Kozma still stands.

About a month before the announced match, an unfortunate news came from the Slovak camp. Buchinger was injured, then underwent surgery, and the dream of obtaining three belts in three different weights suddenly faded. The 35-year-old beater is currently recovering from an unpleasant injury, but during January he would like to be back in the full training process and then he would like to stand back in the cage. But what weight will it be?

How do you currently feel about your preparation?

I’m not training sparring now. I don’t do more technical things like that because my knee was operated on. I started rehabilitation, I will rehabilitate for at least another week. Then they just start with more technical things and sparring. At the moment, I’m concentrating on strength training and fitness stuff so as not to fall out of the training system.

When could you be back in full gear?

I think I’ll be fine at the end of January. I’m halfway through now and when I start sparring, I’ll be 100% by now. It will be sometime in late January. At the end of March or the beginning of April, I would see it for the match.

How did your knee injury actually occur?

I really trained a lot for the match with Kozma. I wanted a third belt. I trained with boys who have more weight. I think I overdid it a bit with those workouts. I would call it a fatigue fracture. I was really tired and I felt very bad. I thought I would do the last workout because they came to film me in the Octagon and then take a break. We had sparring and in the last second of the last lap Karol Ryšavý wanted to throw me on the ground and somehow my knee remained straight. I heard a sound in it and I felt it wasn’t normal pain. I waited for it to improve. But when it wasn’t getting better, I went to the doctor and he sent me for a magnetic resonance imaging, where they told me that I had something broken in my knee and a broken tibia. We didn’t have it broken but cracked. I underwent atroscopy to clean things up in my knee. He told me that the knee was not good, but that it could be rehabilitated and then it would be fine.

How hard was it to deal with in your head?

I’ll tell you the truth, I’m old. Now I perceive such things mentally differently. If that happened, for example, ten years ago, I would definitely cry. But now I took it better. I thought I had to take a break and then come back stronger.

Was it the most serious injury in your career?

I had knee and shoulder surgery some time ago. Now it was a second knee operation. But I wouldn’t say it’s an extra serious injury because I didn’t have anything broken. But when the doctor told me that I had a lot destroyed in my knee, I have to worry all the more. Now I’m not in a hurry with those trainings, I want to gradually strengthen those ligaments and muscles so that I can train 100%.

What did your classic day look like when you couldn’t train?

Catastrophically. I also had plaster, so there was nothing I could do. I also had parallel bars because I couldn’t stand on my feet. I lay all day, which was disastrous. I’m not used to things like that. Last week, I even went to the gym to work out a little so that my body bleeds a little.

Great battle for the title. Ivan Buchinger defeated Barborík and became a two-time Oktagon championVideo: OKTAGON MMA

Did you make any resolutions?

I don’t do things like that. I have no plans. What comes comes. Last year, I had plans to win 70s and 66s, which worked for me. I still had plans to win 77, but it didn’t happen. Sometimes I have it organized in my head, but I prefer not to plan it. That’s why I say I’m running with water. I definitely want to defend my titles and win as many matches as possible. If I get a chance to fight at 77, I’ll take it. I’ll be 36 in February and I don’t have much time ahead of me. I have to do my best. I want to become even stronger.

Do you set an age limit to match?

I don’t. After the last training sessions, I feel like I can’t train that much anymore. I have to watch out for fatigue, in this context I have to take a break so that I don’t get hurt. Better to train less and put more into the training. If I don’t train a lot, then I have to put even more into training.

Was it very frustrating to see others wrestle, train at a time when you couldn’t?

Like I said, I don’t take it as I did in the past. If I was twenty, I thought, ‘You, you idiot.’ But now that I’m old, I think it’s supposed to be. I can also call it that I wouldn’t have the match with Kozma at the right time or I wouldn’t be well prepared. What happened happened because it was supposed to happen.

At what weight will you return to the cage?

I don’t know exactly what it will be like either. I think it’s 70’s right now. I won the title in it last January. But if I get the opportunity to fight in the 66’s, I’ll do it in her as well. But I have to know this in advance, because at 66 I have to prepare a little more, either because of the diet. I currently have about 80 kilograms, so I have to drop something. I don’t even know what their plans are at OKTAGON yet, but I think I will be the first to defend the title in the 70’s.

You could also go to the fair (77kg) so you don’t have to crash so much.

That’s right (laughs). I started eating a little more and I was left with something that I was preparing for 77. But to tell you the truth, 77 is not my weight. I don’t feel like her. The guys out there are huge and I’m smaller for them. When I had the opportunity, I was very happy. I really would like to try the match one more time, but only with Kozma.

So if the offer came to fight Kozma again. Would you accept her?

I would take that. Seamlessly.

Do you think there will be another opportunity to fight Kozma in the future?

I’m not planning anything in advance, I’m waiting for opportunities. But once it was, it can come again.

In recent months, there has been such a mess, perhaps every winner of the match in your weight is challenging you. What do you think about it?

Everyone went crazy (laughs). When I started MMA, no one knew about the sport and there were no things to challenge each other. Now MMA is no longer a sport, but rather fashion and acting. I think that’s part of it. The guys who challenge me want to be visible. He can play it very well. But they definitely have to challenge me if they want to get to the top. There I stand. I’m a wolf and a king there. I have the belts and they have to beat me if they want to be the best. I take challenges normally, everyone wants to kill me. But the guys who challenge me are still a long way off.

You hold two titles – in feather and light weight. Are you watching other matches of these weights in OKTAGON?

I’m watching. To be honest, I’ve never watched OKTAGON before. The wrestlers weren’t so interesting to me at the time. Ever since MMA is popularized and everyone is much better, there are really good fighters. He can make very good matches.

Do you think there is anyone out there who could struggle with you in the coming months or years?

Either Keita or Paradeiser will go. Then, when I defend in the 70’s, Tichota can come. But I think he will have to beat Roman Paulus. Then there’s Sanikidze. He still has a lot of time. I don’t even know who it is. He won one match and immediately shouts.

Do you consider wrestling in OKTAGON as the only option? Is it possibly in the game abroad?

I’m not today’s man, I’ve had my best years. I really proved that I am the best in Czech-Slovakia. If I got a good offer abroad, I would definitely take it. I admit that it doesn’t appeal to me much anymore.

Ivan Buchinger managed to defeat Vojta Barborík in a great battle.Photo: Oktagon MMA

What do you say about the actions of your colleague Ľudovít Klein in the UFC? How do you see it with his next chance?

I don’t know exactly how it works in the UFC. It was there anyway, when the wrestler won five matches, he was fired anyway. Lajos won one match and lost two. I don’t know what will happen to him. In my opinion, he has improved a lot and has great potential. I have problems with it in training. I think he’s able to make other good matches there. The fact that these matches didn’t work out for him happens. I just think he has to make a little more attractive matches.

Recently, the second Slovak, Martin Buday, also made it to the UFC. What chances are you giving him?

I haven’t given him a chance before and he’s in the UFC after all. In my opinion, he doesn’t have to get a belt. But I don’t follow much weight.

And how do you see this for a change in the duel between Teixeira and Procházka, which should take place this year?

I think Walk will win. But before the match, I thought Blachowicz would beat Teixer because he was old. I don’t think he’s a complex wrestler. When Procházka gets a chance to fight, I think he can do it.

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MMA | I am the wolf and the king! They have to beat me if they want to be the best, reports the Slovak champion –