Milojevic: They should be scared then

MALMÖ. For several years, Malmö FF has had its eyes on Milos Milojevic, but it was two years in Röds Stjärnan that made the club see him as a top candidate.

MFF wants a coach who is triggered by pressure.

– Those who believe that there is pressure in Malmö have not experienced pressure, says Malmö’s new coach.

After five years in Iceland, two in Mjällby where he led the team from division one to the Superettan and on to the Allsvenskan, he sought happiness in Belgrade and Röda Stjärnan. There he was the assistant coach of Dejan Stankovic and managed a team that played both the Champions League and the Europa League.

Only then did he return to Hammarby in the summer of 2021, but after six months of his three and a half year long contract, he had to leave the club. It was about the not-too-flattering story where the club claimed that he had played Western Norway with Rosenborg.

It could have been the end of 39-year-olds Milos Milojevics time in the Allsvenskan.

Instead, it was the beginning of a completely different story.

He is the new coach for Malmö FF and has signed a contract that is valid until further notice.

– You got a small lump in your stomach when you heard the story about Rosenborg, it did not feel really good. Through the media we heard one side of the situation Milos has told us the other. The fact that he was not out swinging or talking about it in the media indicates the integrity we appreciate. We have instead discussed the situation and changed our minds during our long discussions, explains sports director Andreas Georgson.

– We started with ten, maybe 20 candidates, but after a careful process we had three candidates on our list. Milos was our first choice.

Milos Milojevic new coach in Malmö FF

The recruitment process was intensified a couple of weeks before Christmas and in addition to the usual requirements for leadership, social skills and football skills, MFF was looking for another important quality. A coach who can handle the press and who also likes it.

– It’s about stepping into our world and not just coping with it but also liking it. Here, just like with Röda Stjärnan, it is not chaos if you lose two matches, it is failure. Then it is important to have a coach who is happy with it, says Georgson.

Your description suggests that you were looking for a coach who has experience of football in southern Europe or the Balkans?
– More Röda Stjärnan as a club than Balkan. It is a club that is associated with winning every weekend and there are great similarities with Malmö, with the atmosphere and the fans. To be a leader who is triggered by that pressure and lifts.

Milos Milojevic has had a good contact with Malmö FF for a long time. MFF’s former chief scout Vito Stavljanin gave him the contact to Jonas Andersson, which led to the work in Mjällby. Even then, in 2018, he was often at Malmö Stadium and created his own goal image.

– When you work in Sweden, you want to work with the best club and that is Malmö. I have had that as a long-term goal, admits Milos Milojevic.

– It is a club with a strong identity based on profits and I like that. There is a dynamic and it is based on strong teamwork. That is what makes the club successful.

“Extremely eager to win the double”

How would you describe MFF’s identity?
– A winning mentality. Every time I was here in the stadium and watched, the opponents were happy if they survived for 20 maybe 30 minutes. I want the opponents to be afraid when they come here. The players in MFF must know what responsibility they have when they wear the sky blue jersey. They should have self-confidence and be proud. It’s small details, a little more confidence and things like that. This is what makes a good club win even when they have a bad day and you win when you have a bad day, how good are you then not a good day?

He continues:
– I will handle that press well. Anyone who thinks there is pressure here has not experienced pressure. I gained that experience in Serbia and it will help me in Malmö. Then one should not compare the pressure that comes from outside with the one I put on myself. I always want to perform, because you will always be judged after your last match.

In the autumn of 2021, MFF won its 22nd Swedish championship, but there has been no cup title since 1989 and the club has not taken a double since 1986.

– Not many have managed to win it in Sweden, but Milos did it in Serbia and already at an early stage he opened his eyes to this, laughs Andreas Georgson.

– He is extremely eager to win the double and enter the history books.

The club will appoint an assistant coach in consultation with Milojevic. The training starts in the middle of next week.


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Milojevic: They should be scared then