Mercedes-Amg SL 2022, the elegant beast is back: engine and performance

New architecture, 585 hp V8 engine, a lot of elegance in design and historic debut with all-wheel drive. The reference spider of the Stuttgart brand is back in the name of luxury and technology

In the beginning it was racing, almost seventy years ago; the period in which the silver arrows dominated the circuits all over the world. Between Formula 1 W196 and the 300 SLR derived from it for Sport Prototype competitions, both entrusted to aces such as Juan Manuel Fangio and Stirling Moss, the Mercedes 300 SL (W194) also appeared in the race in 1952. Attention was drawn to that particular structure with vertically opening doors, the famous “gull wings” (due to the tubular frame whose lower part exceeded the bottom of the car, thus leaving no room for ordinary doors). That year it came close to success in the Mille Miglia but won at the 24 Hours of Le Mans and on numerous other occasions until 1954, when it was retired. And in 1954 its street version, code W198, came out. One of the most beautiful coupes in history (soon joined by the spider), still extremely popular and sought after, the progenitor of a long series of other splendid cars, such as the Pagoda W113 of the 1960s. Let’s put the turbo on the time machine and get to the present day: here is the Mercedes-Amg SL, a very sporty and luxurious 2 + 2 spider inspired by the aforementioned masterpieces.

Mercedes-Amg SL 2022: chassis

We start from the skeleton, just as a house is built from the foundations. Loom, then. From Stuttgart and nearby Affalterbach specify that the architecture for the new Mercedes-Amg SL was designed from scratch, not derived from any existing model. The load-bearing body is mainly made of aluminum, magnesium and composite materials; steel is used above all for the parts that most have to withstand shocks, such as the windscreen structure and the self-extending roll-bar located behind the rear seats. At the center is the fundamental need to obtain high values ​​of torsional stiffness (increased by 18% compared to the previous SL), transversal (+ 50% on the GT Roadster) and longitudinal (+ 40%). Together with the containment of weights: the body weighs a total of 270 kg. Another novelty for the SL is the adoption of the active steering rear axle: up to 100 km / h the wheels turn in the opposite direction to the front ones, besides they turn in the same way. So agility combined with stability, two factors usually in opposition.

Engine and performance Mercedes-Amg SL 2022

Obviously the engine of the SL 63 is the Amg V8 4.0 biturbo (subjected, among other things, to interventions to improve efficiency in the flow of gases). Power of 585 HP between 5,500 and 6,500 rpm, impressive maximum torque of 800 Nm delivered from 2,500 to 5,000 rpm. To transfer all this force to the ground, the 4Matic + Performance all-wheel drive is used, together with the 9G Speedshift Amg automatic transmission. In place of the torque converter there is an oil bath clutch, lower weight and faster response. Four-wheel drive is also new to the SL. The torque is electronically divided between the two axes as needed, also transferring it completely. Moving on to the set-up, we find the Ride Control Amg active mechanical suspension with aluminum shock absorbers, equally light springs and active hydraulic anti-roll system. The front layout is, for the first time in a production AMG, with five arms, as is the rear one. The Amg Dynamics system is configured with six drive programs, including Race and Slippery, with obvious meanings. Brakes with composite discs, internally ventilated and perforated, with a diameter of 390 mm at the front (6-piston calipers) and 360 at the rear. All this for a mass in running order of 1,970 kg, including the driver. The synthesis of performance: 0-100 acceleration in 3.6 seconds, top speed 315 km / h. Subsequently, the range will be expanded with a hybrid engine.

The design of the new Mercedes-Amg SL 2022

An elegantly aggressive look, as it must be for any Mercedes supercar. Relatively short length, 4,705 mm with a wheelbase of 2,700. Very dynamic proportions, therefore, enhanced by the accentuated inclination of the windshield and the long bonnet, whose bulges (called power domes) are practically the only ribs of a body that tends to be smooth. The radiator grille widens downwards and the 14 vertical blades are a direct homage to the 300 SL from 1952. The silver splitter stands out. In the side view, the large rear wheel arch and the decoration next to the direction indicator stand out. The handle recessed in the door is very modern. 20-inch stock wheels with aerodynamic elements. The fabric roof weighs only 21 kg. Designed with a Z-fold, the electric drive takes place in 15 seconds up to 60 km / h.

Mercedes-Amg SL 2022: the interior

The 2 + 2 configuration of the new SL allows people up to one and a half meters in height to be accommodated in the rear seats. At the front we find the Amg sports seats with integrated headrests in the backrests as standard. To improve comfort when traveling in the open air, the Airscarf system, also standard, introduces a flow of hot air from the headrest vents to the passenger compartment that wraps around the neck and nape of those sitting in front, just as if it was a scarf. The voluminous central touch screen with vertical orientation stands out on the dashboard, the real control center of the car; while the second generation Mbux interface derives from the one that debuted on the new S-Class.

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Mercedes-Amg SL 2022, the elegant beast is back: engine and performance