Mattioli: “Mourinho number 1, Zaniolo follow him. Friedkin, brings Totti back to Rome”

The actor and well-known Roma fan bets on a Giallorossi victory at San Siro against Milan: “Abraham scores a few minutes from the end”

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This time there will be no “bloody juice“And no scarf like”booty de guera“. Yet, Maurizio Mattioli is the same load as a spring. In his films on football he has always staged the rivalry between the Giallorossi and the Rossoneri fans. And still today when he talks about Milan-Roma he returns there. To Nando and Remo , irresistible characters played in ‘Fans’ e ‘Brothers of Italy‘with his friend Boldi. “When Massimo tried to speak Roman it was fantastic. You think I had to turn around because I couldn’t look him in the face. He made me laugh too much …”.

Why excuse me, how do you speak Milanese?

“Very well, listen here: ‘Ao a pirla facce du ‘caffè’”.

Will he go to San Siro for Milan-Rome? ‘Four hours from toll booth’?

“Do you think that now I also have an advantage because I live in Fiano Romano so I have already done the first toll booth, but I will not go to the stadium also because at San Siro I menano… Actually I menano in all stadiums in Italy (laughs, ed). By now I’m a very exposed fan so I prefer to see her at home, but I don’t lose a game because Magica is always Magica “.

In ‘Fans‘the Milan scarf was his’ war booty’. With what loot do Roma hope to leave San Siro?

“I hope with a haul of 3 points also because we have to fix our ranking. In the last match against Sampdoria we lost two points at home. I was very upset. Nun se po ‘fa”.

A prediction for Milan-Rome? “It ends 0-1, Abraham decides it a few minutes from the end”.

Did you expect more from Mourinho?

“No, Mourinho is the absolute number one. It is extraordinary, perhaps this had always been. The ‘problem’ is that he has great football in mind and something is still missing from Roma. There’s no point in hiding: a great coach needs a quality squad to win. Mourinho has found this team, but I hope that the Friedkin will now run for cover… ”.

To do this, there is the January market. Which footballer would you like?

“I really like Zakaria, the Swiss midfielder of Borussia M’Gladbach. He is good at construction, retrieves balls and knows how to put order in the midfield: geometrically speaking he is perfect. Not to mention the fact that it could allow Pellegrini to play a few meters ahead and maybe score a few more goals ”.

Speaking of Pellegrini: is he the worthy heir of Totti and De Rossi?

“Yes, also because others are not there (laughs, ed). Seriously, Lorenzo is a handsome player, gifted with an extraordinary tactical intelligence. Play with your head and not your feet. I’m happy to be our captain ”.

In Rome, however, ‘the captain’ is only one: how much is Totti missing from Rome?

“Francesco is missing right in the ether. I confess that talking about him moves me because for me he is like a son. I Totti would like to see him every day in Trigoria: on the pitch, on the bench, everywhere. Of course, what they made him do as soon as he stopped gambling was depressing, he had no power whatsoever and he was right to leave. I hope he can return soon with an operational role because the previous one was not suited to his greatness “.

What advice would you give to the young Zaniolo?

“Nicolò has talent and numbers to break through, but I would tell him to go back to being the same as before. I think his problem at the moment is the fact that as a kid he is becoming a man. The only advice I give him is to continue to follow Mourinho who esteems him very much “.

Do you want to say something to Milan, your ‘enemy’ of all time?

May I losepossi as if it says in Rome – with honor with their heads held high e magara with an own goal at the last minute ”.

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Mattioli: “Mourinho number 1, Zaniolo follow him. Friedkin, brings Totti back to Rome”