Marialuisa Jacobelli between pilates, diet, Mbappé and calendar: “The criticisms? No fear…”

Face to face with the protagonist of the “For Men 2022” calendar by Cairo Editore, on newsstands from 7 December

Gregorio Spigno

“Can we meet in a bar? I know it’s not the best for an interview, but it’s close to the gym where I do pilates ”. To agree on the place and time of the chat, Marialuisa Jacobelli began like this. Words that show great dedication on the part of the star of the “For Men 2022” calendar by Cairo Editore (on newsstands from 7 December), which, however, was told about various issues, not only regarding fitness: from private life to the relationship with Mbappé, passing from the past to the future to the role of women in sports and the Greta Beccaglia affair.

For a physique like yours, how long do you have to train?

“I tend to train three times a week in the gym with a personal trainer. Then two days I do pilates, so in total five days a week. In the gym I do squats, abs and personalized circuits “.

And what about nutrition?

“One of my closest friends is Sasha Sorrentino, a nutritionist who also writes for Journal, and since I am intolerant to gluten and lactose, he prepared a diet plan for me by removing these two elements from my diet: they swelled me up and made me sick to the stomach. From that moment everything was easier ”.

Have you always liked fitness or is it a passion that has taken place over time?

“I’m actually a very lazy person: some might think it’s not true, but it’s reality. I do pilates to strengthen my back, because I am always in strange positions. It does great, I recommend it to all women. In the gym, on the other hand, I need a personal trainer because I wouldn’t be able to train by myself “.

Sports practiced in life?

“All. Tennis, volleyball, swimming, football, basketball, skiing, snowboarding, horse riding, dance. Then stop them all at twenty (laughs, ed). I went to the gym and maybe it would have been better to do it before ”.

Where does the passion for football come from?

“Since I was little, together with my brother, I went to see all the matches at the San Siro. Then I particularly like foreign leagues, not just Serie A: Premier, Bundesliga, Liga, Ligue1. By far I prefer the Premier League ”.

Speaking of Ligue1, you are often “chatted” as a person very close to Mbappé …

“On this issue I would prefer to remain silent and not comment, but we met through mutual friends. Now we too are friends ”.

The story of the groping of Greta Beccaglia, a Tuscan journalist, caused a sensation. How would she react?

“From the outside I would tell you that I would have beaten him, I also do kick-boxing! But it’s also true that when you’re live, with cameras and all, you can’t chase someone. I can understand her reaction, indeed: in my opinion she was also good at trying to manage a very difficult situation. It is absurd that in 2021 a man passes by and slaps a girl on the butt. They found it, I hope it really discounts three years of daspo, in full ”.

And what do you think of the conductor in the studio, who suggested that Beccaglia “not take it” before calming her and condemning the gesture?

“He tried to recover, but only afterwards. I honestly do not condone it, because I can understand the dynamics of a live broadcast, but we must also send out the right message: the moment you, the conductor, see a gesture like this, you must immediately condemn it. Maybe he realized the gravity at that moment but only once the dust broke out ”.

On the role of women in sports?

“I’m saying it a lot these days, answering those who ask me questions about the calendar: in my opinion a beautiful girl, with a beautiful body and all, cannot be automatically labeled as stupid or be seen as an object. Unfortunately in Italy this is the case. I’ve read around that some journalists have been described as provocative ‘pin-ups’. It’s not true. Beauty should be an added value. Then if a journalist is not beautiful or flashy, she is also granted a few more errors. I’ll give you an example: if Diletta Leotta makes a mistake tomorrow, she is massacred. And it’s not fair “.

How did your participation in the “For Men 2022” calendar come about? Did you like being the protagonist?

“It was proposed to me months ago, in indecision I alternated between yes and no. But then I thought that every woman can do what she wants with her body. I do not consider myself just a beautiful girl but also much more, so I promised myself that with this calendar I would have shown that a woman can be beautiful but not only, and we must not be afraid of the judgment of others. I know very well that when I make a calendar there can be criticisms, but my answer is that I can do what I want ”.

What have your loved ones told you about it?

“My mom is happy, like my whole family in general. Obviously my dad doesn’t jump for joy, being his daughter, but he accepts it because he knows me and knows very well that whatever he does, I do it with logic. If one makes a calendar, she is not automatically stupid, even if there is this thought ”.

Have many written to you after the first previews of the calendar?

“Eh mamma mia! I don’t mention names and surnames, but I have also received many messages from many players ”.

“In life, I want to conduct business, both in sports and in terms of entertainment. It’s a long journey, I’m young but that’s what I’d like to do “.

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Marialuisa Jacobelli between pilates, diet, Mbappé and calendar: “The criticisms? No fear…”