Maneuver, CGIL and UIL proclaim 8 hours of general strike for Thursday 16 December

The unions split over the maneuver. CGIL and UIL proclaim eight hours of general strike for Thursday 16 December with a national demonstration in Rome. While the CISL decides not to strike. Last Friday, the CGIL, and tonight, the UIL, brought together their individual statutory bodies for an assessment of the economic maneuver launched by the Government. While appreciating the effort and commitment of Premier Draghi and his Executive, the maneuver was considered unsatisfactory by both trade unions, in particular in terms of taxation, pensions, schools, industrial policies and the fight against relocations. of the contrast to the precariousness of work especially of young people and women, of non self-sufficiency. All the more so in the light of the resources available at this stage, which would have allowed a more effective redistribution of wealth, to reduce inequalities and to generate balanced and structural development and stable employment.

The mobilization

Therefore, having received from their respective bodies the full mandate to give continuity to the mobilization, the National Confederal Secretariats of CGIL and UIL have proclaimed an 8-hour general strike for next December 16, with a national demonstration in Rome and with the simultaneous holding of similar and interconnected interregional initiatives in 4 other cities. The general secretaries of CGIL and UIL, Maurizio Landini and PierPaolo Bombardieri, will speak from the demonstration in Rome, which will take place in Piazza del Popolo. Tomorrow, Tuesday 7 December, at 5.30 pm, at the Hotel Londra in Piazza Sallustio in Rome, the General Secretaries of CGIL and UIL will hold a press conference to illustrate the reasons and methods of the strike.

The no of the CISL

The secretary of the CISL Luigi Sbarra had already hinted in an interview a few days ago that he was opposed to a general strike. “I think it is good that the mobilization proceeds according to the agreed scheme and I see no substantive reasons for proclaiming a general mobilization: we would set fire to social relations, we would break the threads of dialogue even with companies and we would isolate the world of work, when instead the country needs cohesion and responsibility to build together a perspective of restart and development “he explained, looking rather at a participatory model and agreement with which to arrive at that “social pact also indicated by President Draghi”. The main road “remains that of dialogue and not that of an exasperated conflict that has no reason to exist today that, with our action, we have a profoundly changed and improved budget law” he said, opening to the Draghi government as already done later the last meeting at Palazzo Chigi at the end of which he spoke of “first important social achievements”. Tomorrow 7 December the CISL will meet the secretariat for an evaluation of the general strike against the maneuver proclaimed by the CGIL and UIL.

The replica of Palazzo Chigi to CGIL and UIL: the maneuver does a lot for families, workers, retirees

The strike proclaimed by CGIL and UIL aroused the reaction of Palazzo Chigi. “The maneuver is highly expansive and the government has supported retired workers and families with facts, measures and significant resources”, he points out. It is not true, it is the reasoning that is made at Palazzo Chigi, that those who have less have had less, and the numbers prove it. It is still observed that a highly expansive maneuver was launched precisely to accompany the country out of the dramatic Covid emergency, facing the many situations of hardship and potential impoverishment resulting from the crisis.

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Maneuver, CGIL and UIL proclaim 8 hours of general strike for Thursday 16 December