MADE IN ENGLAND: Rangnick is quite smart and knows that Ronalda needs her side –

“I’m curious how he’s going to go on to Old Trafford. I experienced Rangnick as a coach for a while in Schalke. It’s been more than ten years. Rangnick returned to Schalke in the spring while I was visiting Kaiserslautern. After a relatively successful season, I wanted to stay there, but Schalke wanted to trade me for Kevin Trapp, who caught very well in Kaiserslautern, and they looked for him as a replacement for Neuero, who moved to Bayern in 2011. However, Kaiserslautern didn’t like it, which left my club a little offended and I had to come back.

On the one hand, I wanted to stay there and he was a little upset, on the other hand, I knew that Coach Rangnick was at the helm of Schalke, which of course I perceived very positively. He had a big name in Germany. I knew how he worked with young players and that I would get my hands on a very good coach, which I was looking forward to.

Unfortunately, he was my coach for only a few months. One day he appeared in front of us in the cabin and told us that he could no longer go and had to quit due to health reasons. Subsequently, we learned that he had burnout syndrome. I was very sad about that then.


Jan Morávek in the Augsburg jersey in the archive picture.Photo:

Of course, in three months you will know how the coach works with the players, how important tactics, for example, are important to him, but again, it is not long enough for me to embark on a more detailed evaluation. But I can definitely say that he is an excellent strategist and supporter of demanding football. He professes a high presink, he appreciates the won balloons in the opponent’s half. He showed this style in Leipzig.

At the same time, I think he is a good psychologist who communicates a lot with the players. At Schalke, I experienced de facto in Germany the most significant coaching opposites in the form of coach Magath and subsequently coach Rangnick. Magath does not rely on communication with the players, there is only hard work. But Coach Rangnick puts a lot into communication with the cabin and he’s strong at it.

His first match in Manchester was successful when he defeated Crystal Palace 1: 0. He has a very young talented staff there, which will suit him. Of course, the most important thing will be how he sits down with Ronald and how satisfied the Portuguese will be under him. Whoever wants what he wants, Manchester’s results depend a lot on Ronald’s goals and how he feels.

But as I noticed, they both expressed sympathy for each other via social media at the very beginning, and Rangnick, after the match, which he watched as a spectator and which Ronaldo decided, commented on him only in superlatives, that such a well-prepared physically prepared footballer his age. did not see for a long time.

I think Rangnick is smart enough to know that Ronald needs to be on his side. He is still one of the best footballers on the planet. I think it might be good for them.

Rangnick has a good mix in Manchester. Alongside Ronald, there are young talented players led by Rashford, Greenwood and McTominay. It is quite possible that an interesting staff will want to oxidize in some way during the winter transfer period. There is already speculation about Hairad from Leipzig, so we’ll see. I’m curious about that and I’m keeping my fingers crossed for him. “

Jan Morávek

If a skilled offensive midfielder had not been accompanied by a number of injuries throughout his career, he would have had more than 3 starts for the national football team. In any case, the 32-year-old Bohemians Prague 1905 was domesticated in Germany, where he transferred to Schalke in 2009 and two years later won the Super Cup there. Despite working in Kaiserslautern, he then moved to Augsburg, to which he has been faithful since 2012. He is currently the longest-serving Czech legionnaire in the Bundesliga.

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MADE IN ENGLAND: Rangnick is quite smart and knows that Ronalda needs her side –