Leifby: As two strictly Christian parents

The new year began with a weekend robbery.

In the spring of 2019, it became known that NENT with its Viaplay and their obscure TV channels made a dawn raid and bought out the rights to a whole lot of winter sports that SVT broadcast for ages.

It takes the understanding of a field hare, or a Swedish ice hockey coach, to understand how they think.

SVT has since television had its impact in the 50s shown skiing, in modern times more and more intensively and since 2007 successfully packaged in the “Winter Studio”.

With André Pops, Pillan Wiberg, cozy bonfires and rugs and forever-long broadcasts, they have enchanted the Swedish TV sports audience for many years.

Of course, it was all that – the warmth, the coziness, the desire, the knowledge, the fascination in skiing that was rooted in the Swedish people’s soul – NENT wanted when they bought the big FIS package with skis, slalom, ski jumping and various snow sports.

There were no journalistic ambitions then, it is possible that someone arose along the way.

NENT, which from the beginning was the Stenbeck-owned MTG with TV3 at the helm, has always been strongly fixated on just SVT.

In 1989, they challenged the TV monopoly, and overthrew it, when they “stole” the ice hockey World Cup from SVT and tried to get the Swede to buy a satellite dish.

Diffused host couple

The idea now is to attract Johansson in Vännäs, Berglund in Grimsås and Svensson in Loshult to the payment service Viaplay

Once there, they will discover that there are also movies and series (but not “Tutti frutti” with Bruno Wintzell) that are “worth” paying a lot of money for on a monthly basis.

Their new winter sports venture has got off to a tough start as it turned out that biathlon is as hot as during Magda’s days and it is still broadcast on SVT.

“Viaplay Winter” has been running for just over a month and does not impress.

On New Year’s Day, advertising was shown interspersed with a sprint, and as a viewer you get blemishes from all the “broadcasts presented by” disorders.

Per Forsberg and Anna-Karin Strömstedt radio commented and Calle Halfvarsson, who has not been on the podium in two years, was second to last in the final.

It was even worse for Frida Karlsson who got three minutes in extra time after she drove over Jessie Diggins.

– It’s the cock, now I’m going home and drinking cannon on the evening of the Thirteenth, she did not say but she was upset because the Tour de Ski is now over.

In the studio sat Katarina Hultling and Peter Jihde as a diffuse host couple and tried to analyze the competitions using Teodor Peterson and Johan Olsson.

It was like seeing two strictly Christian parents interrogate their orderly sons who came home 20 minutes late.

– But why ?, Pastor Dad Jihde wondered.

– The amount of energy was not really enough, said his son Johan.

Quite flat and harmless

The jury severely punished Karlsson, but the experts in the studio were mild in their criticism.

It was “if you now think that Frida has done something wrong” here and “sad that it will be like this” there.

Too bad and a pity about.

SVT and Anders Blomquist were not known for their brutal sawing, but Mathias Fredriksson contributed with justified bitterness and pressed the Swedes sometimes.

Teodor and Johan feel a bit shabby, maybe they are still too much service with many in and around the national team?

The feeling is that Viaplay is tripping cautiously because they know that through the attack on the sanctuary “Vinterstudion” they provoked many viewers and the result is then.

Quite flat and harmless, sometimes on the verge of magnificent.

During New Year’s Day, they also broadcast the classic ski jumping from Garmisch that they received in the big TV package.

I appreciated “Vierschanzentournee” as a child and continue to do so, the TV sport Sven “Plex” Petersson commented on the competitions 40 years in a row before Peter Jonsson took over and I searched for a while in the charts before I realized that this classic was also put into Viaplay -complexed.

What a weekend robbery.


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Leifby: As two strictly Christian parents