La Fraineuse, a super versatile Adeps center

Spa. The Fraineuse. With its wooded park and castle, the setting is magnificent. Adjoining the athletics track with the football field in the middle, the sports hall is sumptuous with its brand new reception building. Its architecture has earned it a prize. But above all, this functional infrastructure is at the cutting edge of modernity. It is therefore no coincidence that many high-level athletes (or not) have frequented it during workshops for a weekend or a week.

At the head of this Adeps Center, Nadine Michaux is inexhaustible in praising its merits. Well Named. With the exception of gymnastics, for which specialized equipment is required, all sports can be practiced, from athletics to… biathlon, including swimming and team sports. A super versatile center for a hyper eclectic audience.

“When I arrived in 2009, after having been responsible for the three Brussels centers, Spa mainly welcomed middle and high level athletes during the school holidays, through federations or affiliated clubs…” explains the director. “But, quickly, with the economic situation, I realized that we had to open ourselves to a wider public. Otherwise we would encounter a concern for customers, for profitability. Today, we have an average of 100 interns, all levels, on the site all year round. This, whether individually or through schools, a more stable clientele than sports, on the understanding that it is necessary to ensure a good balance between them. “

With an investment plan of 10 million euros, La Fraineuse has acquired both sports and accommodation infrastructure (more than 200 beds), up to the task. The Olympic Residence meets the needs of high level athletes, where the collective building and nearby chalets can accommodate groups and schools.

“We welcome children from the age of 3, for psychomotor skills, up to 18, for internships. We have also opened the day school for young people from the region who are potentially interested!”

In terms of top-level sport, many clubs and federations have come for training courses since… Robert Waseige’s Red Devils in 2000!

“We hosted the football teams from U15 to U18 Anderlecht and Charleroi, the French-speaking judo federation. As for the aikido federation, it organizes an international course every year in August. Likewise, David Goffin is come to the green, Armand Marchant takes advantage of our fitness room for his training. We have an eclectic clientele. “

And La Fraineuse can be the scene of competition …

“Yes! In collaboration with CAP2sport, we organized a handi-handball tournament, in accordance with our desire to become a reference center in the field. Another project is close to my heart, that of biathlon, a sport that can be practiced in summer and winter. “

The Adeps Center rents its track from the local athletics club and also houses the Theux basketball club, which is deprived of a venue due to flooding in the region. An appreciable gesture, well in the image of the reception given to all sports enthusiasts.

Dany Leclerre: “800 m² of tatami for 300 aikido practitioners!”

Technical delegate of the Francophone Aikido Association, Dany Leclerre organizes an internship every year at the La Fraineuse center, where he praises the quality of the infrastructure and the friendliness of the staff.

“We have been coming to Spa since 2010, the week of August 15, with 300 practitioners from all over the world, including Japan. The Adeps provides us with its room and 800 m² of tatami! ‘accommodation, many stay on site. Others prefer to rent a lodge in the region. Aikido is not a competitive sport, according to the wish of its founder. At Spa, we are operating in excellent conditions. “

Contact sport, aikido has been severely impacted by the health crisis with, in Belgium, the loss of 50% of its practitioners, but it can count on the enthusiasm of its leaders.

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La Fraineuse, a super versatile Adeps center