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As in the previous year, the Czechs did not make it into the top 30 even once in the prestigious series. Roman Koudelka finished 37th today.

“I’m really happy that I won the Golden Eagle again,” Kobayashi said with the help of a translator in a television interview. The 25-year-old Japanese dominated the races in Oberstdorf, Ga-Pa and on Wednesday in Bischofshofen, where he jumped as a replacement for the canceled competition in Innsbruck.

Although the World Cup leader did not repeat the year 2019, when he was the third man in history to win the acclaimed jumping Grand Slam after triumphs in all four clans, but he dominated the tour with a lead of 24.2 points over the Norwegian Marius Lindvik. Third place went to another Norwegian jumper Halvor Egner Granerud.

Photo: Lisi Niesner, Reuters

Jumper Koudelka lost in Bischofshofen in the 1st round with the Bulgarian ZografskýPhoto: Lisi Niesner, Reuters

All four races of the Tour were won first by the German Sven Hannawald in the 2001/02 season and a year before Kobayashi and the Pole Kamil Stoch. The Japanese could be the first to win the Grand Slam for the second time, instead he is the seventh jumper to lose in the last race. The last time this happened was in the 2004/05 season, Finn’s Janne Ahonen, who was defeated in Bishofshofen by the Austrian Martin Höllwarth.

Koudelka, who gets into shape after knee surgery, indicated an improvement in qualifications and took the 17th place with a 135-meter jump. In the race, he started from a lower ramp and landed at 124 meters. The Bulgarian Vladimir Zografsky had a great attempt, the telemark showed 130.5 meters at the finish line and the Czech national team did not even fit into the five advancing losers.

The other two Czech charges of the Slovenian coach Vasja Bajce were eliminated in the afternoon qualification, in which Viktor Polášek was in 66th place and Filip Sakala was disqualified.

“We did not fulfill my ideas, that is, to fight for points, procedures for the final rounds,” Bajc stated in a press release. The Czechs have been worried since the beginning of the Olympic season and have not yet made it to the second round of the World Cup. In the four races of the Tour, at least the first round was won only by Polášek at the beginning in Oberstdorf and now at the end by Koudelka in Bischofshofen.

“It can be seen from Roman Koudelka that with every jump he catches up with the training gap and keeps getting better. Viktor Polášek can’t show the training jumps in those races and with increasing races and waiting for the first points it binds him more and more. Filip Sakala left with the idea that he will to fight for participation in races and needs to eliminate some shortcomings, “said Bajc. He added that the national team will skip the weekend races of the World Championships in Bischofshofen and after training will return to the series on January 14 on the bridge in Zakopane, Poland.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the Tour jumped in front of the empty stands for the second time in a row.

SP race and final part of the Four Jumps Tour in ski jumping in Bischofshofen (Austria):
1. Huber (Rak.) 286,8 b. (136,5+137 m)
2. Granerud (Nor.) 282.4 (136.5 + 136)
3. Geiger (DEU) 281.9 (140.5 + 132)
4. J. Sato 281,1 (139+134,5)
5. R. Kobayashi (both Jap.) 277.8 (133.5 + 133.5)
6. Johansson (Nor.) 277,7 (133+135)
7. Hörl (Rak.) 275.3 (130 + 136)
8. Eisenbichler (DEU) 275.2 (133 + 134)
9. Kos (Slovin.) 273,6 (132+144)
10. Lindvik (Nor.) 271,5 (126+139)
… 37. Koudelka (CZE) 114.2 (124).
Final standings of the Tour (after 4 races):
1. R. Kobayashi 1162.3 b.
2. Lindvik 1138,1
3. Granerud 1128.2
4. Geiger 1123,6
5. Eisenbichler 1117.6
6. Johansson 1107,9
… 57. Koudelka 114.2
60. Polášek (CZE) 107.3.
SP standings (after 13 of 28 races):
1. R. Kobayashi 841
2. Geiger 785
Granerud 613
4. Lindvik 543
5. Eisenbichler 471
6. Lanišek (Slovenian) 401

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Kobajashi ski jumper won the Four Bridges Tour for the second time, Koudelka finished in the 1st round – Sport.cz