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Kliment played 18 competitive matches for Wisła. He scored two goals in the Polish league and two more in the cup. The Krakow team, led by Slovak coach Adrian Guľa and including other Czechs Michal Frydrych and Matěj Hanousek, finished the autumn part of Ekstraklasa in 13th place in the table.

“Four goals are not enough, it didn’t work out. This half-year is definitely not one of my best, whether from a personal or team point of view. A new coach has arrived, new players … I guess it has to sit down, I believe spring will be better,” said Kliment. in an interview with ČTK.

Former Pilsen coach Guľa wanted to play combination football. “The system consisted of short passes where you try to break down an opponent and let him run without a balloon. The Polish league is very strong, most teams play with three stoppers and five in defense. Even for better teams than us, it is not easy to get into sometimes a parked bus in front of the gate, “said Kliment.

Despite the embarrassing autumn, he considers leaving Wisla to be the right step. “A lot of factors played a role. I also had to think about my family to make sure. I stand by it. It’s still the first six months. After the first six months in Slovácko, I thought I would quit football because it wouldn’t renew my contract. I played three. matches, otherwise he still had health problems, “admitted a native of Jihlava.

Slovácko, for which he scored 10 league goals last season, is still cheering at a distance and is in contact with many former teammates. He attended one match in the fall in person. Coach Svědík’s charges spend the winter in the fourth place of the highest competition, losing nine points to the leader Slavia.

“I usually watch their matches when I run out of time. I’ve been to Teplice in person. As far as I know the cabin and the coach, I don’t think about ‘Let’s go to the title’ style. They have it set differently than in big clubs. But I think “They definitely have a chance at the title. It would have to come together in the spring, and luck. I would just regret not being there,” said Kliment.

He also remembers Uherské Hradiště from the point of view of a strong team. “I experienced the best part in my career there. It’s not much abroad and usually everyone goes for themselves. In Poland, Frýďa (Frydrych) and Hany (Hanousek) go to coffee sometimes, but we all have children, so it’s not quite time “Still a covid,” remarked a former Stuttgart player or Bröndby Copenhagen.

Czech footballer Jan Kliment scored the first goal in the Wisla Krakow jersey.Photo: @honziikliment

He paid tribute to Slovácko midfielder Milan Petržel, the new record holder in the number of matches in the independent first league (441). “I told him I couldn’t imagine playing football at thirty-eight. The big hat down is an example for everyone. He has such a body structure that he never spills anything – a squirrel that keeps running. I’m ten years old. “and I have something to do to warm up and nothing hurts me. I don’t know what kind of potion he has. I wish him well and I think he could give the 500,” said Kliment.

He is not currently considering returning to the national team, for which he played five duels in 2017. “We have a lot of problems in Wisła, where we have to work in the spring. Only when the club and individuals start to prosper, the national team can come. But I’m not dealing with it at all now, it’s an absolutely secondary matter. it was very difficult for me, “said Kliment.

He spends Christmas in Jihlava with his wife and son, who is a year and a half old. “He has grown up, so he already has something from Christmas. We are not going on holiday or in the mountains, this year we will just rest at home,” added the best EURO shooter under 21 in 2015.

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Kliment: It wasn’t my best six months in Wisła, Slovácko can win the title – Sport.cz