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“Giant bureaucracy monster”? – “I’ll have it checked”

Karl Lauterbach is skeptical about how difficult it is for a vaccination register to record the vaccinations of citizens retrospectively

Karl Lauterbach is skeptical about how difficult it is for a vaccination register to record the vaccinations of citizens retrospectively

Source: dpa / Moritz Frankenberg

How complicated would it be to record all previous vaccinations? Karl Lauterbach is currently having this checked by experts. In addition, the Minister of Health is pressing for a quick decision to introduce a general compulsory vaccination. He is currently ruling out a lockdown before Christmas.

Bundes Health Minister Karl Lauterbach (SPD) urges the Bundestag to make a decision as soon as possible to introduce a general compulsory vaccination. In the Picture show “The Right Questions” he said this had to take place “as soon as possible”. “I advise us to take this path so that we do not have to fear future severe waves”, even if the compulsory vaccination could not make a significant contribution to breaking the omicron wave.

Even if the vaccination were compulsory in January, which he doesn’t believe, it would be months before the unvaccinated could be given the second vaccination. But: “I do not assume that Omikron is the last variant.”

He also explained that the establishment of a national corona vaccination register for the central collection of vaccination data would be useful. “I’ll have it checked,” Lauterbach continues. If the examination reveals that the register is going to be a “giant bureaucracy monster” because it is very difficult to record the vaccinations of citizens retrospectively, then he will “probably be against it”.

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It turns out that the vaccination registry doesn’t take much effort, “then I’ll be for it”. The buzzword vaccination register is about considerations of centrally recording people’s corona vaccination status. This has come into the discussion against the background of the question of how a possible general corona vaccination obligation could be controlled.

The possible introduction of a vaccination register is also controversial within Lauterbach’s party. Chancellor Olaf Scholz was skeptical, Secretary General Kevin Kühnert refused to collect vaccination data centrally. Bundestag President Bärbel Bas (also SPD), however, had called for a national vaccination register.

For him, the priority now is to speed up the vaccination, said Lauterbach. “One thing I want to prevent is that we keep the doctors from vaccinating with even more bureaucracy and documentation.”

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Illustration of a healthcare worker in a protective ward with a surgical mask holding a vial of vaccineI. Novavax is a new coronavirus vaccine on the market, and Indonesia was the first to approve it. in Zagreb, Croatia, on November 04, 2021. Photo: Tomislav Miletic/PIXSELL

Lauterbach warned against the assumption that the new vaccine Novavax “will be a game changer.” According to studies, Moderna and Biontech are “a lot safer”. However, some of the vaccine skeptics are waiting for Novavax and dead vaccines because they do not trust the mRNA vaccines.

As a result, the vaccination rate in Germany could increase. “I am counting on the approval of Novavax tomorrow.” The EU Medicines Agency EMA is responsible for the approval.

“Hard lockdown now before Christmas, I would exclude that”

Although the Omicron variant is on the rise, he promised that there would be no lockdown before Christmas: “A hard lockdown now before Christmas, I would rule that out. That’s clear, ”Lauterbach continued.

“Exceeds everything that has been observed so far”

According to Health Minister Karl Lauterbach (SPD), Germany is facing a massive fifth corona wave with the new Omikron variant. The results of the consultations of the Federal Government’s Expert Council on Omikron are eagerly awaited.

Next Tuesday, the federal and state governments want to come together for a new conference of prime ministers at short notice. That was agreed by Chancellor Olaf Scholz and North Rhine-Westphalia’s Prime Minister Hendrik Wüst. The news agency dpa and “Business Insider“.

Accordingly, in addition to tightening at events, a nationwide FFP2 mask requirement is under discussion, as well as contact restrictions for vaccinated people.

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The background is, among other things, warnings from the scientific corona advisory committee of Chancellor Olaf Scholz (SPD), which warn in a statement of the serious effects of the further spread of the Omikron variant.

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Karl Lauterbach: health minister has vaccination register checked – WELT