Juve-Sassuolo 1-2, Dionisi celebrates the blitz at the Stadium

The Sassuolo coach after the 2-1 over Juventus at the Stadium: “After their draw the match became tough, we were good at not disuniting. I respect Allegri, winning is good but doing it in such stadiums is even better. “


The Sassuolo celebrates his first Stadium win after seven defeats and one draw e Alessio Dionisi enthusiastically comments on the 2-1 alla Juventus: “After their draw the game became tough, we were good at not stooping and staying on track.The great merit was that of not disuniting. Juve moved all-in in the final, we tried to defend ourselves and then we used the opportunity as we could“. The exultation has also cost”a blow“to Dionisi.” But I willingly go away with pain – he smiles – we had an excellent first half and in the second half we did well to stay in the game until the end“. Exceeding its model, Massimiliano Allegri: “I confirm my esteem for him – explains Dionisi – I would like to know him more to talk about football”.

“Frattesi growing, Maxime Lopez has quality”

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The signature on Sassuolo’s victory is by two midfielders: Frattesi e Maxime Lopez. “Davide is growing up, he started limping but with the right head. It has room for growth, but we have so many that have it. Today he could fit in because we were playing with the three-man midfield – explains Dionisi – when we are two in the median he must do it less. Today he did it in the best way. The three-man midfield is a consequence of our characteristics and a certain balance, Boga and Djuricic were missing and we adapted differently“. Also Lopez enhanced:”Maxime has a lot of quality but also quantity, he puts less personality on the pitch than he has. When my teammates have the ball I perceive it less, it has to grow. He can do this, if he doesn’t, it’s a problem for us too. “

“Now let’s think about Sunday”

The defensive phase of Sassuolo should also be underlined, which conceded little to Juve: “Victory is beautiful regardless, but even more so if done herei – explains Dionisi – we must be good at putting it behind us, because on Sunday we have a delicate match at home against Empoli. At the beginning we suffered the pressure of Juve, then we came out and found courage. Juve in the second half made us lower a lot, I think today there are a lot of our merits. Today perhaps the result has rewarded us more than it should, repaying us for previous performances“.

Lopez: “A difficult match won, Dionisi makes us play well”

“We did well as a team in a difficult match: we suffered in the second half, but in the end we won and I’m very happy“. Guarantees Maxime Lopez, author of the winning goal. The midfielder only scores to the big names: Juventus after Napoli and Fiorentina. “The level in Italy is very high, I’m happy in Sassuolo and I want to do even better.” As happened in the long-distance duel with Locatelli: “Manu left and they made me understand that I had to take the keys to the game. I like it and I want to influence the team more and more. Dionisi is a young coach who makes the team play well. It took us a few weeks to figure it out, but now we’re doing well. “

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Juve-Sassuolo 1-2, Dionisi celebrates the blitz at the Stadium