Juric: ‘Belotti? I hope you are back before February ‘

The granata coach: “Winning to celebrate the club’s 115 years in the best possible way. Sorry for Belotti, I hope he will be back before mid-February. Substitute in January? The transfer market is held in the summer, we’ll see”. Then a balance after the first months at Toro: “Low level on many things, but we want to change the trend”


“Sorry for the Rooster, he’ll be out for a long time: I hope and hope that you will be back before mid-February, even if we lose him for an important period. “The coach of Turin, Ivan Juric, comments on the injury of Andrea Belotti, forced to stop for a second degree injury to his right hamstring that will keep him away from the playing fields for a long time. An injury, that of the captain grenade, which could push the company of the president Urbano Cairo to intervene on the market during the repair session: “We have two forwards and the transfer market starts in July and August, I don’t like the January one. If someone can raise the bar that’s okay, but I’m not going to ask. Then we will see, but in any case little will be done“, continued Juric. On the moment of the team:” We are growing very well, in Rome we are sorry to have lost but we have sent positive signals. We are growing, I’m happy with how we play and how we train “.

“The level is low on many things, but we want to change things”

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Toro, with the Empoli special jersey for the 115th anniversary

Turin that faces Empoli tomorrow: “They play modern football, they are a company that knows how to work well, we hope to celebrate the club’s birthday with the three points “, the wish of Juric, with the grenade company that will turn 115 on Friday. Juric draws a first balance from the beginning of his adventure at Torino which began last summer: “I think we are laying the foundations, we have taken the first steps. This team is fantastic for the way they train, I just have to show great respect. For me the environment was a bit depressed but I see a great desire to change the trend. We are at low levels on many things: football has gone on, there are new fields and you have to do a terrifying job on a thousand things. In Italy too we are starting to work from this point of view, we with the right humility and ability can do it, there are the foundations “. Clear ideas also on training:”I will not change form due to the injuries, in place of Djidji there are Zima and Izzo, in place of Belotti there is Sanabria “.

Empoli, Andreazzoli: “Stupid to make calculations now”

“We have to save ourselves, we are in the first round and it would be stupid to make calculations. Right now we are watching race after race. The important thing is the three points and the performance.” The Empoli coach said so Aurelio Andreazzoli presenting the match against Turin. His squad was not that high after 14 days of the 2006/2007 season. The one against Juric’s line-up may be the match of confirmation at high levels for Empoli, and Andreazzoli does not trust the absences of the grenades: “The other night I saw Pjaca, Sanabria and Zaza enter, so they don’t seem great to me. They have an important staff, very well guided, we are along the lines of the match against Verona. This type of game fascinates me a lot, thanks to the coaches who manage to do it. It will be a complicated game because it is a little different from the others. some experience has made it and we will try to exploit it “. After Turin, Udinese on Monday evening, the top moment of the championship: “We are going through a period full of competitions, so we will have to think about it – he continues -. We are fortunate to have a group of players that gives you the possibility to replace them with each other. Our intention would be to gratify all the players, we will see from time to time “. Empoli has everyone available, some changes are expected in Turin, in particular Andreazzoli should re-propose the double attacking midfielder, with Henderson and Di Francesco behind the only striker Pinamonti.

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Juric: ‘Belotti? I hope you are back before February ‘