“Joker” attacks people with a knife and sets fire

In a train compartment in Tokyo, a young man attacked several people with a knife. Then he spilled some liquid and set it on fire. In Japan the attacker is described as a “joker”.

In Japan a knife attacker described as a “Joker” started and started fire in one go Halloween injured at least ten people. The police arrested the 24-year-old man at the scene, as reported by Japanese media on Sunday evening (local time).

He is said to be in a compartment of the Keio line in Such attacked passengers with a knife, spilled an oily liquid and set it on fire. An elderly man was struck by the knife and passed out. Other victims also suffered minor injuries from the smoke. The motive of the perpetrator, who is said to have been disguised as “Joker” in the Batman film, was initially unclear. He is charged with attempted murder.

Dramatic scenes at the train station

Late in the evening, dramatic scenes took place at Kokuryo station in Tokyo’s Chufu district, where the train came to an unscheduled stop after an emergency brake. Many people saved themselves through the windows of the train and climbed outside. On smartphone footage from inside the train, which was broadcast on Japanese television, passengers escaped through the corridors of the compartments, while thick smoke and fire could be seen in the background.

“I heard a loud bang and saw flames and smoke behind me. Everyone panicked,” one passenger told reporters. “I thought I was dying,” one woman told the Japanese TV station NHK. Numerous fire engines and rescue workers quickly arrived in front of the station, and access was blocked.

No resistance to arrest

The police broke into the compartment where the man was sitting. He is said to have not resisted his arrest. It was initially unclear what the liquid was that the perpetrator allegedly spilled with a plastic bottle. Police denied reports that it was an acid.

Joaquin Phoenix as a joker (archive picture): The attacker in Tokyo is also described as a “joker”. (Source: Niko Tavernise / imago images)

In recent years there have been repeated attacks on trains and at train stations in Tokyo. In August, two people were injured on a subway train when a man splashed acid on another man’s face. One day before the closing ceremony of the Olympic Games, a man stabbed ten passengers at random. According to the media, the perpetrator told the police after his arrest that he wanted to attack women who looked happy.

On March 20, 1995, members of the end-time sect “Aum Shinrikyo” stabbed plastic bags with sarin on several trains in Tokyo and released the nerve gas. 13 people died and more than 6,000 were injured. After the world’s first terrorist attack using poison gas, Japan carried out all 13 death sentences against the sect’s founder, Shoko Asahara, and twelve of his followers in 2018. Regardless of these incidents, the number three in the world economy continues to enjoy the reputation of being one of the safest countries in the world.

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“Joker” attacks people with a knife and sets fire