Ivan Leko sues Veljkovic, the Belgian Union awaits the conclusions of the investigation

In addition to a book coming out this Wednesday, Dejan Veljkovic was also the subject of a show on the VRT this Tuesday evening. Thus, for the first time since the “Footbelgate” scandal, the former player’s agent was able to speak in the documentary Pano. And the least that we can write is that it does not go dead hand! Among those affected: a certain Ivan Leko.

“Ivan was a good friend”, explains the controversial intermediary. “I helped him during his transfer to Lokeren (Editor’s note, the Croatian signed for Lokeren in 2010 from Beerschot). When Steven De Petter was transferred in 2016 (Editor’s note from Mechelen to Sint-Truiden, club trained in at the time by Leko), he received twice 6,000 euros. Later, I paid him part of the commission on the transfers of Tomecak, Rits and Letica to Club Brugge (Editor’s note, when Leko was coaching Club de Bruges). ” Dejan Veljkovic also explains that in some cases, “A commission was agreed upon for Leko, but the money ultimately did not flow.”

Very serious accusations which did not take long to make the Leko clan react. On Radio 1, Walter Van Steenbrugge, the coach’s lawyer, has stepped up to the plate.

Former player agent Dejan Veljkovic spoke for the first time about the Belgian football fraud scandal, of which he is the central figure, on the Pano program on the VRT. “For an hour, he had all the attention, a real media scene but without any opponents. It’s unprecedented”, he began. “I was expecting such an interview. These are lies intertwined with the truth. Obviously, everything seems believable then. But it is not!”

Since the start of 2020, Ivan Leko has been working in China since leaving Antwerp. For his lawyer, the Croatian suffers from this report. “As a coach, the end of the year is a good time to negotiate a good contract. My client’s reputation is tarnished. Veljkovic is clearly targeting Ivan Leko with lies. I am not going to put the trial here. But I am. have in my possession sufficient evidence to cast doubt on the credibility of the former agent “, he said.

Result of the races: the lawyer will send a letter of formal notice to Dejan Veljkovic this Wednesday by bailiff.

URBSFA lets “justice do its job”

Damn attacked by Veljkovic, the Belgian Union decided “to await the conclusions of the investigation into the fraud” and “let justice take its course.” The agent explained during the Pano program that the UB, supposedly between the guarantor of the ethics of our football, made a fraudulent agreement with Erwin Lemmens, then coach of the goalkeepers. Veljkovic had participated in the negotiations for the contract with Steven Martens the CEO of URBSFA.

The contracts had been endorsed by François De Keersmaeker, president of the supreme body of our football. While the bill had been paid by Tom Borgions. At the time, the latter was … a member of the Licensing Commission which controls our clubs. In addition, he is still active in the federation as financial director. For the company Beneyug, the former international would have carried out false scouting missions.

Beneyug is a Cyprus-based company managed by Veljkovic. In order to avoid the tax, he made the money transit through this company. Beneyug would then invoice the Belgian Football Federation. This money ultimately went not to Beneyug, but to Lemmens.

KBVB spokesperson Pierre Cornez confirmed to Belga on Wednesday that the football association “awaits the conclusions of the investigation into the fraud” and “lets justice take its course”. Mr. Cornez also recalled that the contract with Beneyug was signed at the request of Mr. Lemmens. In addition, the former goalkeeper was replaced after two years in office. The federation spokesperson stressed that there was a “real performance” linked to Lemmens’ contract.

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Ivan Leko sues Veljkovic, the Belgian Union awaits the conclusions of the investigation