Inzaghi: ‘Now the fate is in our hands’

The Inter coach after the 3-1 victory at Sheriff Tiraspol: “We made two non-trivial victories, we were good at making them simple. Now fate is in our hands. Another one is waiting for us on Sunday. intense and important match, we know what it represents for fans and clubs. ” Brozovic: “It was only about winning, we were the masters of the game”


“We made two non-trivial victories, we were good at making them simple. They had 6 points in two games.fate is in our hands, this matters. Simone Inzaghi you can enjoy his victory on Sky Sport microphones Inter on the field of Sheriff Tiraspol, a victory that allows the Nerazzurri to move up to second place in the Champions League group D standings. Determining the networks of Brozovic, Cabinet e Sanchez In the second half. “We certainly deserved more in the first half. We remained lucid, focused and deserved the victory“the coach admits. Replicated the 3-1 first leg and achieved a special result: Inter had never scored six goals against the same team in the Champions League in a single season.” Now we just need to recover physical and mental energy because another intense and important match awaits us on Sunday – is Inzaghi’s warning – we know what it represents for fans and clubs. We have three days to prepare in the best way “.

“9 scorers in 5 games? They are all involved”

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Sheriff Tiraspol-Inter 1-3. HIGHLIGHTS

I am nine different markers sent on the net by Inter in the last five games between the league and the Champions League: “This is a figure that gives me satisfaction, in these last 5 games we have often changed and made 4 victories and a draw – underlines Inzaghi – then beyond who plays, this is a good sign, even if we change players the result does not change and the fact that so many players have scored makes me very happy, it means that they are all involvedi. There was a risk that after 10-12 shots and the poles you would lose lucidity and instead the boys have always been lucid and in the game. Victory of maturity? We were good. “

Brozovic: “It was only about winning”


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To unlock the games it was Marcelo Brozovic, to the first goal of the season: “We made a lot of mistakes in the first half, in the interval the coach told us to make the ball go faster and that we would score a goal: we did“explains the midfielder to Sky.” Now we are masters of our destiny. It was only about winning, we did it. We played really well, risking very little and we were masters of the game“. Head to the derby:” The only thing that counts is winning: we’ll give 100 for 100 for this. “

Skriniar: “Baddest in the second half”

Third goal of the season for Milan Skriniar: “We knew it would be a match like this. They were closed and were looking for restarts. In the second half we entered more badly and we opened their defense” is the analysis of the Slovakian defender. “In the Champions League we want to move forward, we are always in the game. In my opinion it is the balance that allows us to do even better in the last few games. He defends the whole team and is more important. “The head is already in the derby:”This victory helps us to prepare him better: we know that Milan are in good shape but we must take the field and try to get the three points“.

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Inzaghi: ‘Now the fate is in our hands’