Inter-Torino, CM’s report cards: Dumfries Santa Claus, Calhanoglu to Mozart. Bremer a rock

Inter-Torino 1-0, the report cards


Handanovic 6.5:

Safe between the posts and at the exit. He relaxes well on Lukic’s free-kick and leaves the field once again with zero goals conceded.

Cabinet 6.5: Soon, he never loses his sense of position even if every now and then Pjaca’s position risks sending him into confusion.

the Free 6.5: Opposed first to Sanabria and then to Warming, he comes out the winner of both duels.

Sticks 7: The best of the entire rear, undisputed master of the department. Dumfries’ goal starts from his advance on Sanadria and continues dominating each individual duel. Left third, half-winger, full-back and striker, when he flies towards Milinkovic-Savic, but misses on the best. It does everything and it does it well.

Dumfries 7,5: Again he, with a shot he had already tried against Cagliari, the right inside diagonal. This time the conclusion is surgery and gives Inter three points that are worth gold. Santa Claus.

(Dal 37 ‘st. D’Ambrosio: s.v.)

Brozovic 6.5: Perfect transition for the winning goal, when first sorts for Dzeko and then follows the action, which finishes with the veil for Dumfries.

Vidal 6,5: He comes out to the applause of the San Siro and deserves them all, because he recovers so many balls and never spares himself.

(Dal 37 ‘st Sensi: s.v.)

Calhanoglu 7: The right fielder that sends Lautaro into the goal is a Mozart sonata that he projects into an unknown dimension. Pantry quality.

(Dal 24 ‘st Neighbor 5.5: Enter with some shyness too).

Perisic 6,5: The belt is its territory, of which it feels the lighthouse and guardian. Shoulders, headers, progressions, if you find him in front of you it is better to switch sides.

(Dal 45 ‘st Dimarco: s.v.)

Dzeko 6: Difficult game, because Bremer is a monster of physicality, but Inter is leaning on him and the Bosnian does not hold back. His assist for Dumfries.

Lautaro 5: He suffers from the physicality of the central grenade and when he manages to escape the marking, face to face with Milinkovic-Savic, he lets himself be hypnotized.

(Dal 24 ‘st Sanchez 6: He enters with a good leg and moves between the lines as he can. He runs off on the break and hits a post).

Inzaghi 7: A more cautious match than the previous ones, a sign of humility and intelligence, because Turin required greater prudence.


Milinkovic-Savic 7: Bravo on Brozovic and perfect on Lautaro Martinez. He can’t do anything on the Dumfries diagonal.

Djidji 6: On his side, Inter manages to break through with greater continuity, but the responsibility is not his alone.

Bremer 7: No confirmation was needed, but under the eyes of Ausilio and Marotta, Bremer proves to be one of the strongest power plants in the championship. Dzeko got it right on his skin. What a rock!

Good morning 6: Raise the range of action, it is he, with rhythm and courage, who brings the first pressure on Vidal and manages to split in many areas of the field. Then the petrol runs out.

(Dal 20 ‘st Ricardo Rodriguez 6: Enter and find a less aggressive Inter, he does his and helps the team in the dribble).

Singo 6: Bastoni and Perisic offer him very little space to sink and it happens that he goes looking for opportunities in more central areas of the field. But he never finds anything captivating.

Lukic 6: An insidious punishment and good pace.

Escape 6.5: He tries to follow Brozovic everywhere and always gives a good pace to the maneuver. He tries to get into the opponent’s area too, but he gets few balls to bite. A postage stamp.

(Dal 21 ‘st Mandragora 6: Get into the game immediately with a good personality. He would also deserve a yellow card for handball, but the referee pardoned him).

Always 5.5: He tries to attack Dumfries in speed, but he finds something for his teeth.

(Dal 33 ‘st Ansaldi: sv)

Brekalo 5: Bastoni and Perisic cancel it.

(Dal 33 ‘st Praet: s.v.)

Sanabria 5.5: He tries to keep the ball and does a door with the strong Nerazzurri central players, but he never manages to worry Handanovic and often de Vrij eats him in the head.

(Dal 14 ‘st Warming 6: Gives panache to Torino’s offensive maneuver).

Pjaca 5,5: He puts the far post in his sights and has plenty of time to prepare for the shot, but he doesn’t kick perfectly and the ball goes wide. The only noteworthy action of his game, in which he fought anyway.

Juric 6: Torino tries to exploit his cards, but there is a real striker in front of him.

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Inter-Torino, CM’s report cards: Dumfries Santa Claus, Calhanoglu to Mozart. Bremer a rock