Ice hockey: Fehervar wins the peat festival in Dornbirn

24 hours after the game against Bratislava was abandoned due to the collapse of guest player Boris Sadecky, the Dornbirn team fell early against Fehervar. After just 58 seconds, Shaw put the guests in the lead. In the first third the Hungarians were able to add two more goals, Dornbirn scored once. In the middle section it continued to be turbulent. Although the Bulldogs quickly shortened to 2: 3, AVS then pulled away. After the second third it was 8: 4 for the guests, where Shaw scored two more times.

In the final section, both teams shifted down a gear. In the 51st minute of the game, however, the hosts were able to shorten the game to 5-8 with a goal from Nikita Jevpalovs. As a result, the eleventh in the table from Vorarlberg could not avert the fifth defeat in a row. Fehervar played the game safely home and celebrated the third win from the last five games.

Collapse overshadows the weekend

The weekend in the ICE Hockey League was overshadowed on Friday by the collapse of guest player Boris Sadecky. He was treated in the intensive care unit of the hospital, the match was canceled. The 24-year-old striker Sadecky, who managed a hat trick against the KAC on Tuesday, fell to the ground on the ice in the second third and was first treated and stabilized by paramedics.

Then he was admitted to the Dornbirn hospital. Both teams agreed to abandon the game because of this medical emergency. According to a current statement by the Bratislava Capitals, Boris is in “stable but serious condition.” “We wish Boris a speedy recovery,” wrote the Pressburger Capitals on the social networks. Their Saturday game against Pustertal has been postponed.

Innsbruckers take revenge

The Innsbrucker Haie remain the domestic ICE team of the hour, they celebrated the fifth win in a row at Meister KAC with 4: 1 and consolidated third place. Front runners Ljubljana defeated stragglers Linz 3-0, whose pursuer Fehervar lost to Bozen 2-3. The Innsbruckers had lost the first two duels of the season with the Carinthians, but in the top game of the round they went off the ice as winners. Center Zachary Magwood made it 1-0 after just 16 seconds in the first power play.

Johann Bischofsberger also managed to equalize in the majority (11th), but the “red jackets” could not find an answer to the 1: 2 by the formally strong Lukas Bär (26th). The guests proved to be more effective, Alex Dostie in the power play (46th) and Timothy McGauley (60th / into an empty goal) ensured a clear success.

Capitals prolong the upswing

Ljubljana and Innsbruck won again, and the Vienna Capitals prolonged their upswing. In a duel with the better placed team from Znojmo, the Viennese made up for a deficit twice, Nicolai Meyer scored the winning goal to 3: 2 (37th), the fifth success in the last six matches.

The negative streak of newcomer Pustertal seemed to end after seven defeats in Salzburg. But ten minutes before the end, TJ Brennan managed to equalize the “Bulls”, and in overtime Benjamin Nissner scored 2-1 for fourth in the table after 56 seconds.

Scoring at VSV – Graz

The VSV also won the second season duel with the Graz99ers with a score of 9: 7. The Styrians came up in Villach after 1: 4 deficit (29th) to 4: 5 (39th). But only 15 seconds later, Renars Krastenbergs scored 6: 4 and advanced to the supposed match winner with two more goals (49th / 50th). But Graz didn’t give up, scored three goals and was only 7-8 behind with 61 seconds to go. The 99ers pushed, took the goalie off the ice, which John Hughes used 28 seconds before the end to make the decisive 9: 7.

ICE Hockey League, 14th matchday


Dornbirn – Fehervar 5: 8

(1:3 3:5 1:0)

Tore: Hancock (12./PP), Padakin (22.), Saarinen (28.), Zitz) 38., Jevpalovs (51.) bzw. Shaw (1., 30., 32), Sarauer (15.), Fournier (20./PP), Nemeth (23.), Mihaly (30.), Petan (36./PP)

Penalty minutes: 8 or 12


VSV – Graz 9: 7

(1:1 5:3 3:3)

Goals: Karlsson (6th), Broda (21./PP), Bacher (26th), Flemming (29th), Collins (34th), Krastenbergs (39th, 49th), Hughes (60./EN) or Martin (15.), Boivin (34./PP, 59.), Zusevics (36.), Grafenthin (39./PP, 58./PP), Schiechl (53.)

Penalty minutes: 10 or 6

KAC – Innsbruck 1: 4

(1:1 0:1 0:2)

Goals: Bischofberger (11./PP) or Magwood (1./PP), Bar (25th), Dostie (46./PP), McGauley (60.)

Penalty minutes: 8 or 6

Salzburg – Pustertal 2: 1 n.V.

(0:1 0:0 1:0 / 1:0)

Tore: Brennan (51.), Nissner (61.) bwz. Hanna (6.)

Penalty minutes: 2 or 8

Vienna – Znojmo 3: 2

(0:1 3:1 0:0)

Tore: Sutter (30th), Neal (35th), Meyer (37th) bzw. Luciani (14th), Kvasnica (34th)

Penalty minutes: 0 or 2

Ljubljana – Linz 3: 0

(0:0 0:0 3:0)

Tore: Simsic (42.), Leclerc (53./PP), Pance (57./PP)

Penalty minutes: 14 or 10

Bolzano – Fehervar 3: 2

(0:1 0:0 3:1)

Tore: Mizzi (44.), Miceli (49./PP), Findlay (50.) bzw. Campbell (5.), Shaw (60.)

Penalty minutes: 4 or 4

Dornbirn – Bratislava 1: 0 *

(1:0 -:- -:-)

Tor: Ruzicka (3.)

* Canceled due to medical emergency


* Victory after extra time / penalty shootout (two points)
** Loss after overtime / penalty shootout (one point)

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Ice hockey: Fehervar wins the peat festival in Dornbirn