Ibra: ‘I was from Napoli’

The Swede presented his book, between anecdotes and background: “I saw a documentary by Maradona and I decided to try to do what he did: win the Scudetto in Naples. It was all done, then De Laurentiis chased Ancelotti away. Milan, I was looking for a challenge and not a contract: at first no one ran, then I convinced them. As a child I suffered, but I transformed hatred into strength. Future? It worries me, I don’t know if I will train “


Zlatan Ibrahimovic he still wants to write many pages of his career, despite the age of 40. On the battlefield, he often still makes a difference and aims to bring Milan back to victory. The Swede talked about his career experiences in his new book ‘Adrenalin‘. Many anecdotes and background, including a fairly recent market one. In fact, in December 2019, Ibra he was practically from Naples: “I told Mino Raiola that by now I had closed after Galaxy, finished. He stimulated me, I replied: only with adrenaline can you convince me. One evening I watch a documentary on Diego Armando Maradona, at the San Paolo it was incredible: crazy fans, incredible atmosphere. I immediately call Raiola: “Call Napoli. I’m going to Naples“.” Napoli? Are you sure? “, He replies.” Yes, I’m going to Naples. It will be my adrenaline. I bring 80,000 people to the stadium every Sunday e I win the Scudetto like Maradona. I drive them crazy. We talk to the club, negotiate and find an agreement. All done. I am a Napoli player. The coach is Ancelotti, I know him from Paris. We talk almost every day and he already explains to me how he would like me to play. I was also evaluating the idea of ​​living on a boat, everything was ready. Then on 11 December 2019, the day I have to sign with Napoli, De Laurentiis chases Ancelotti. I have a bad feeling, it’s a bad sign. I can’t trust it, there is a lack of stability. I’m not the center forward for Gattuso, for his 4-3-3. This is how my return to Milan was born, a few days after the defeat in Bergamo: I wanted a challenge, not a contract “, says Zlatan.

“At the beginning nobody ran at MIlan, then I changed them”


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Then to the Corriere della Sera, he adds: “I was tired of America. I thought I’d quit. Mino told me: ‘You’re crazy, you have to go back to Italy’. After the story with Napoli I asked Mino: which team is worse off, What can I change? He replied: ‘Yesterday Milan lost 5-0 in Bergamo.’ So it’s decided, I said: ‘Let’s go to Milan. It’s a club I know, a city I like. ‘ In the beginning in training no one was running. I faced them one by one, and not on the sidelines, in front of the others: in training you have to kill yourself with work. If I run, if I kill myself, my partner will run and kill himself for me. Everyone understood it, except one. At first Leao didn’t pay attention to me. He got there on his own. In fact it has improved a lot. “

“Donnarumma is very strong, Mbappé is leaving Paris”

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From Donnarumma to Guardiola, passing through Mbappé and Messi: “Gigio is a great goalkeeper. If they had given him what he asked for, he would have stayed at Milan. Now he has to mess up to be a starter in PSG. There is no such thing as South Americans to impose that other. Gigio is stronger. It is true, I advised Mbappé to leave Paris. He needs a more structured environment, like that of Real Madrid. But then I told the PSG president not to sell it.

“Messi or CR7? I choose Leo”

“Messi and CR7 are both very strong, I choose Leo because we played together. We had a professional relationship, he also lives for football. But Lewandowski deserved the Ballon d’Or this year. The strongest player in history, however, for me is Ronaldo ‘the phenomenon’, as a child I imitated him.

“Guardiola didn’t understand me”

“Guardiola never understood me, he wanted to plan everything I had to do. An instinctive gesture came to me, but then I thought about what Guardiola wanted and changed. So I thought double. Guardiola does not like personality players. I had become a problem and since he could not solve it I solved it by leaving “.

“The future worries me a little, I don’t know if I’ll be a coach”

Now he really wants to play, but what future awaits Ibra? “It worries me a little. With the age of 40, a bit of anxiety came. Will I be a coach? I don’t know, it’s so stressful … I will do something capable of giving me adrenaline. But as long as I hold up, I play the center forward. I want to play for the Scudetto until the last day. And go to the World Cup in Qatar “.

“As a child I suffered, but I turned hatred into strength”


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Ibra then recounts his childhood: “I was a child who has always suffered. As soon as I was born, the nurse made me fall from a meter high. I have suffered all my life. At school I was different: the others were blond with light eyes and a thin nose, I dark, brown, with a big nose. I spoke differently from them, I moved differently from them. My classmates’ parents petitioned to kick me off the team. I’ve always been hated. And at first I reacted badly, with isolation. Then I learned to transform suffering, and even hatred, into strength. Gas. If I’m happy, I play well. But if I’m angry, hurt, in pain, I play better. From a stage that loves me, I take energy. But from a stadium that hates me, I take a lot more. “

“I don’t believe in God, only in myself”

“What language do I think? It depends. On the pitch, never in Swedish: it’s too kind a language, and on the pitch you need wickedness. So I think in Slavic. Sometimes in English and Italian. But we do Swedish things as a family. For example we take off our shoes before entering the house, we stay with the socks. We have no service staff: there is a cleaning lady, we do the rest ourselves. I am Swedish, but I am also a mix: my mother is Croatian and Catholic, my father is Bosnian and Muslim, I have lived most of my career in Italy … I don’t believe in God, I only believe in myself. And I don’t even believe in the afterlife. This is life. When you are dead, you are dead. I don’t even know if I want a funeral or a tomb, a place to make those who loved me suffer. “

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Ibra: ‘I was from Napoli’