Green pass on trains, stop in case of covid on board: ordinance rules

Control of the green pass also on board trains in Italy and the possibility of stopping a train if there is a suspected covid case on board the train. This is the hypothesis envisaged by the new ordinance issued by the Ministry of Transport in agreement with the Ministry of Health and examined by Adnkronos. The green pass should be checked on the ground, therefore before boarding the train, but “if this is not possible, the check can be carried out by the on-board staff together with the control of the travel ticket”.

“In the case of passengers who, on board the train, present symptoms attributable to the disease from COVID19 – the ordinance reads – the Railway Police and the health authorities must be promptly informed: at the outcome of the relative assessment on the health conditions of the passenger, the latter is responsible for deciding whether to stop the train to proceed with an intervention or provide special dedicated spaces. The railway company will then proceed to the specific sanitization of the train affected by the emergency before putting it back into operation ” .


Control over the moving train is one possibility. However, Fs news reminds you that in large railway hubs, and where possible also in other stations, the green pass check must be carried out preferably before boarding the train. If a positive is identified on board, the convoy will be sanitized. The new protocol “ratifies a practice, that of a preventive check of the Green Pass at the station, near the train, which Trenitalia had already begun to carry out to contain the inconvenience deriving from the obligation to stop the train in the event of a passenger found in board without the green certificate. The guidelines delivered by Trenitalia to its on-board staff also provided for the train to stop with the intervention of the competent authorities in the event of a suspected case of Covid “.

“The ordinance, with the new guidelines, therefore confirms and consolidates the measures adopted by Trenitalia and the other companies of the FS Group, since spring 2020, and then updated with the evolution of the pandemic, to prevent and contain the spread of virus “, concludes the article.


Among the reactions to the order stands that of Assoutenti. “A poorly conceived ordinance that risks creating chaos in rail transport and causing heavy repercussions on rail traffic – says President Furio Truzzi – It is simply absurd to allow checks on green passes on board the trains, because in the event that a passenger without one, the train could be stopped with inconvenience for travelers and delays on the network, to the detriment of all railway users “.

“Green pass checks must be carried out only and exclusively at the station, in order to prevent passengers without a health certificate from entering on board, and the stations must be equipped with personnel who only and exclusively carry out this task because, in the event of checks on trains, the risk is that of a paralysis of railway traffic ”, concludes Truzzi.

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Green pass on trains, stop in case of covid on board: ordinance rules