GLOSS: Karviná is attacking records that no one cares about –

Of course, the league has only just moved into the second half of the regular season, so nothing is lost purely mathematically for the penultimate Fortuna League team. But a look at the table and the real strength of the staff in favor of the Slezanians does not speak.

Karviná is the only team that has not yet managed to win in the current league year. With five points, he slaps (together with Teplice) at the bottom of the table and has stepped on both the second league and breaking any unwanted records.

With Wednesday’s defeat at Bohemians 1905, the Slezans scored the seventeenth match without a win in a row (including the last match of last year). This means that if they do not win any of the next five matches – at home with Sparta, in Zlín, at home with Pilsen, in the first spring round at Slavia or at home against Jablonec – they will equal the unflattering record of Slovácko from the 2006/2007 season, which is 22 matches in a row. .

Photo: Vít Šimánek, ČTK

From left, Matěj Jurásek from Karviná and Tomáš Necid from Bohemians.Photo: Vít Šimánek, CTK

Karviná, and Teplice, is currently almost in sight, and another milestone. It has been held since the premiere year of the independent Czech competition Dukla Praha, which won a single match and gained only 10 points for the whole year. However, it must be added that in the 1993/1994 season there were only two points for the victory.

What a contrast to the pre-season plans, on which the target was neatly drawn in the middle of the table. But the start did not work out, which was bounced by the favorite of local fans, coach Jozef Weber. However, the improvement did not come in six matches under Bohumil Páník. And that’s not a good finding for him, because Karviná has already rolled eight coaches in her five-year first league history.

It is the constant coaching changes that are one of the causes of the current Karviná suffering. Coaches in Karviná have a minimal chance of working long-term or, if you want, conceptually. Frequent changes in this position practically mean that one coach will build a staff, but his successor will work with him.

The player cadre, and its composition, is the reason number 2. Eleven foreigners (without Slovaks) in the team are too. The people of Karviná get to know it year after year, yet nothing changes about the club’s transfer strategy.

Photo: Vít Šimánek, ČTK

From left: Petr Buchta from Karviná and Ibrahim Keit from Bohemians.Photo: Vít Šimánek, CTK

Sports manager Lubomír Vlk and most of Karviná’s current coaches will probably object that quality Czech players do not want to go to the provincial club in the north-east of the republic. Surely they are right, getting the player quality difficult is definitely them. However, hiding behind this argument is odd.

Fans for whom football is played are not interested in this. Not even that our country costs more than a foreigner. They do not want to go to defeats, to see the faint performance of players who have no relationship with the club. They want to see eleven fighters leaving their souls on the field. Even if they lose. Seventeen times in a row, you can lose to the offspring.

Foreign reinforcements should be a complement that will increase the quality of personnel. Not his skeleton. Especially if they do not reach above-standard qualities. Well, if even the catch from the Czech transfer pond fails, an almost hopeless rescue mission begins.

And then there’s the third reason, and that’s the mood, the chemistry, the bunch … in the cabin. After a series of setbacks, mutual relations suffer and the mood is understandably not good. This is clear from the words of coach Páník and stopper Martin Šindelář after the beating in the hole.

After each additional point loss, the Karviná barge is increasingly heading for a lower competition. In previous years, she always avoided the second-league port, although in the spring of 2019 only in the play-off with the second-league Jihlava. The draw will also be played this year and the fourteenth and fifteenth teams will go to it after the end of the competition. Now it seems that if the Karviná people get to it, they will be able to congratulate themselves. And hope they can handle it again.

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GLOSS: Karviná is attacking records that no one cares about –