GLOSA: F1 is no longer a seducer after Sunday lunch, give it a chance now –

Yes, there were years when F1 was predictable, in a number of races without excitement, emotion. And too much of a man’s show.

But now it’s different. F1 began to recover from “clinical death” a few seasons ago. It was helped by a new owner, the American company Liberty Media, which took over the championship from Bernie Ecclestone after almost 40 years in 2017. A good businessman, but also a great conservative, which would ban all those Internets and social networks with a slight exaggeration.

And so F1 finally entered the 21st century and stopped treading in the bubble.

She opened up, allowing the Netflix streaming service to break into the race with her crew. And without either side realizing it, the shooting of the project began in 2018, after which a waning patient from the ICU suddenly jumped out of bed full of energy.

The Drive to Survive series (the Czech name is Desire for Victory) has saved in many Formula 1, as the English word Survive refers. For three years in a row, the ten-part montage of the season has been one of Netflix’s most watched shows in dozens of countries after its premiere for a few weeks. It has attracted laymen and the average spectator suddenly realizes that big battles do not take place only at the head, but in almost every race you will find more and more fascinating micro-stories.

Converted to statistical numbers: in America, for example, before Netflix, an average of 547,000 people watched the F1 race, now it’s twice as many, with a third more women among the spectators. In key F1 countries (Brazil, China, France, Germany, Italy, Russia and South Korea), more than 70 million fans have grown, which is 20 percent more than it was two or three years ago. Intervention on social networks has increased by 100 percent and record ratings are reported in Britain and Germany.

But it was only the first step to the rescue, actually using drips, a little unfair.

Netflix makes no secret of its dramatization and the fact that it often sponsors stories artificially. In fact, the rivalry between some riders is far from what you see in the series. After all, Max Verstappen, the championship’s current leader, chose to ignore Netflix’s creator of drama this year. And although his Red Bull team is otherwise very friendly to the staff, he refuses to give him interviews.

And he “decided” to save the formula with a real story, a real rivalry, no tinsel.

After seven years of absolute dominance of the Mercedes stable, which conquered F1 and Lewis Hamilton (except for one year) was a fearless king, Max and Red Bull have now rebelled. Two races before the end, he has an eight-point lead over Hamilton, who, for a change, is experiencing a wonderful finish. It’s even such a close battle that the stables are even fighting over who will complete the fastest lap in the race, which is rewarded with one point, because it can also play a key role in the final showdown.

No, F1 no longer needs resuscitation or artificial nutrition to recover.

And if you’ve ignored her for a few years, because she can fall asleep even after talking to politicians after Sunday lunch, give her a chance now in the last two races.

There are two races left, but on Sunday in Saudi Arabia (start 18.30) Max Verstappen can become the world champion when …
… wins, finishes the fastest lap and Hamilton will be sixth best
… wins without the fastest lap and Hamilton will be seventh best
… finishes second, takes the fastest lap and Hamilton will be tenth best
… finishes second without the fastest lap and Hamilton doesn’t score

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GLOSA: F1 is no longer a seducer after Sunday lunch, give it a chance now –