Four Hills Tournament in Oberstdorf: Disappointment with Karl Geiger

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From: Marius Epp, Patrick Mayer, Antonio Jose Riether

At home in Oberstdorf: DSV-Adler Karl Geiger. © Daniel Karmann / dpa

The Four Hills Tournament starts mixed for the DSV-Adler in Oberstdorf. Karl Geiger missed the podium, Severin Freund was disqualified. The ticker for reading.

Four Hills Tournament: Start in Oberstdorf – final result after the 2nd round

1. Ryoyu Kobayashi Japan 302.0 points
2. Halvor Egner Granerud Norway 299.2 points
3. Robert Johansson Norway 298.6 points
4. Marius Lindvik Norway 296.3 points
5. Karl Geiger Germany 295.9 points
6. Lovro Kos Slovenia 289.5 points
7. Markus Eisenbichler Germany 281.1 points
8. Daniel Huber Austria 269.0 points
9. Stephan Leyhe Germany 266.8 points
10. Gregor Deschwanden Switzerland 262.6 points

2nd round, 6:16 p.m .: Johansson is the last jumper to leave the hill. 131 meters for him. That is not enough for the day’s victory, which the Japanese Kobayashi secured. Johansson finished third, Geiger fifth.

2nd round, 6.15 p.m .: Granerud lands at 133 meters and displaces Geiger from the podium. Kabayashi continues.

Four Hills Tournament in the live ticker: Karl Geiger is not satisfied

2nd round, 6:14 p.m .: Karl Geiger is in the air! Below he sails flat over the slope and takes a few more meters. Not an ideal jump! He waves angrily – 131 meters. Third place currently.

2nd round, 6:12 p.m .: The Norwegian Lindvik is up! 137.5 meters for him – and second place behind Kobayashi.

2nd round, 6:11 p.m. Giant jump by Ryoyu Kobaxyashi! The Japanese lands at 141 meters, the telemark sits too. This means that the tour favorite is clearly the leader in Oberstdorf.

2nd round, 6:09 p.m .: The Slovenian Lovro Kos makes it to a whopping 139.5 meters. The longest jump so far! This puts him in first place. My dear, that was a sentence!

2nd run, 6:07 p.m .: Also a good jump from Stephan Leyhe. He comes clean and with height from the take-off table. This is currently second behind Eisenbichler.

Four Hills Tournament in the live ticker: strong jump by Markus Eisenbichler

2nd round, 6:04 p.m .: Strong, very strong! “Boooommmm”, shouts Markus Eisenbichler. 132 meters for him. With that he can definitely improve a few places in the classification.

2nd round, 5:59 p.m .: Pius Paschke lands high up on the slope. He doesn’t get any height at the take-off table. That wasn’t a very good jump. He looks frustrated in front of the TV camera.

2nd run, 5:58 p.m .: Swiss veteran Simon Amann takes second place behind Stefan Kraft.

2nd round, 5:55 p.m .: Austrian Stefan Kraft leaves the take-off table. In 2014/15 he won the tour, and now he’s leading at least in Oberstdorf. At 123 meters, however, he will probably not end up in the top 10 in the end.

2nd round, 5:50 p.m .: The back seats are on the hill. Ultimately, they will have nothing to do with the victory in Oberstdorf. But it’s about to get exciting. Then when Karl Geiger and the other favorites go on the trail.

2nd run, 5.47 p.m .: The second run is in the Allgäu!

Four Hills Tournament in the live ticker: Karl Geiger jumps for victory in Oberstdorf

1st round, 5:19 p.m .: Ryoyu Kobayashi flies to 128.5 meters. This means that the tour favorite ranks fifth – behind Karl Geiger from Allgäu. The Oberstdorfer jumps for victory in the second round. It’s about to go on!

1st round, 5:17 p.m .: Local hero Karl Geiger leaves the take-off table. 131.5 meters for the Oberstdorfer. He is in third place and is right at the front in the second run.

1st round, 5.15 p.m .: Granerud brings 132 meters up the slope. There are now three Norwegians in the lead. The Scandinavians are in a really good mood. You have to beat them today.

1st round, 5:14 p.m .: Bitter news for the DSV team! Severin Freund is disqualified. His suit was apparently not compliant. The message just came in. “That’s really bitter,” says ARD expert Hannawald.

1st round, 5.13 p.m.: The Norwegians are doing very well so far. Johansson and Lindvik are ahead.

Four Hills Tournament in the live ticker: There was more to Markus Eisenbichler

1st round, 5:09 p.m .: Markus Eisenbichler comes to 129.5 meters. But there was more to it. “The hips are sagging. It’s a shame, there would have been a chance to slam a 135 ”, says ARD expert Hannawald.

1st round, 5:07 p.m .: The Swiss Gregor Deschwanden shows an aggressive jump. With success! He reaches 129 meters and clenches his fist confidently. This means that he is at the forefront. The Austrian Stefan Kraft remains behind him.

1st round, 5:04 p.m .: Very strong jump from Severin Freund! The man from Munich jumps to 124.5 meters and also gets a good number of points. He was already in a very good ninth place in the qualification yesterday. That looks good.

1st round, 5:01 p.m.: The Norwegian Daniel Andre Tande prevails in his duel wafer-thin.

1st round, 4:58 p.m .: Daniel Huber with a very good jump. The Austrian goes offensively from the jump table – and comes to a good 129 meters. With that he slides way forward in the classification.

Four Hills Tournament in the live ticker: Good jump from DSV eagle Stephan Leyhe

1st round, 4:54 p.m .: Stephan Leyhe “hits the table cleanly”, as ARD expert Sven Hannawald put it. He leaves the Pole Jakub Wolny six meters behind him. Good jump from the second German.

1st round, 4:52 p.m .: The three-time tournament winner Kamil Stoch flies off the hill. The pole is currently out of shape – and only comes to 118 meters. He has nothing to do with the win this year. Instead, he is eliminated in the first round.

1st round, 4.48 p.m .: DSV-Adler Constantin Schmid is on the microphone at ARD. “It was pretty close and it really annoyed me. I hope that I can get on with the Lucky Looser “, he says and says about the heavy rain in the Allgäu:” It’s a bit slower on the track, as if it were sucking something. “

1st round, 4:41 p.m .: The first German is off the jump. Constantin Schmid does not win his duel against the Japanese Yukiya Sato. He is 0.2 points short. That was close.

Four Hills Tournament in the live ticker: The Norwegian Robert Johansson prevails

1st run, 4.38 p.m .: The Norwegian Robert Johansson sets the first mark. He comes to a strong 135.5 meters. That means he should be among the front runners.

1st round, 4.35 p.m .: Dawid Kubacki, who won the tour two years ago, prevailed against the Austrian Manuel Fettner. Kubacki jumped shorter, but got more wind points.

1st round, 4.33 p.m .: The competition starts! To explain again: The jump takes place in a two-man duel before the top 30 compete against each other in the second round.

Update from December 29th, 4:25 p.m .: Karl Geiger has won two of nine World Cup competitions this season. On the one hand in Nizhny Tagil in Russia and on the other in Engelberg in Switzerland. The 28-year-old was born in Oberstdorf and lives here in the Allgäu. He knows the chance inside out. Will that be his big advantage today?

Update from December 29th, 4.15 p.m .: It’s raining in Oberstdorf. It’s way too warm for snow. Yesterday the qualification was on the brink for a long time due to adverse weather conditions. Today, however, it looks good that the competition can go ahead as planned.

Four Hills Tournament in the live ticker: Sven Hannawald was the last German tour winner

Update from December 29th, 4:10 p.m .: So since Sven Hannawald 2001/02 there has not been a German tour winner. Between 2008 and 2015 the Austrians dominated, with Gregor Schlierenzauer, among others, Team Austria won seven wins in a row. In the past five years, on the other hand, a Pole has been at the top of the podium four times, Kamil Stoch three times and David Kubacki once. In 2018/19 the winner of the Four Hills Tournament was Ryoyu Kobayashi from Japan. This time too, he is probably Karl Geiger’s worst competitor.

Update from December 29th, 3:50 p.m .: With six other ski jumpers in the so-called national group, the German Ski Association will take part in the second station of the Four Hills Tournament in Garmisch-Partenkirchen. Martin Hammann (SG Nickelhütte Aue), Philipp Raimund (SC Oberstdorf), Justin Lisso (WSV Schmiedefeld), David Siegel (SV Baiersbronn), Kilian Märkl (SC Partenkirchen) and Felix Hoffmann (SWV Goldlauter) complete the German squad in the qualification New Year’s Eve, as the DSV announced on Wednesday. Is there already reason to cheer for the DSV-Adler in Oberstdorf?

Four Hills Tournament in the live ticker: Sven Hannawald believes in Karl Geiger

Update from December 29th, 3:45 p.m .: He was the last German tour winner in 2001/02. We are talking about Sven Hannawald. “20 years should actually be enough for a German to be able to enjoy that again. Last year I was hoping that there were two German candidates, Karl Geiger and Markus Eisenbichler. And after Karl’s victory in Oberstdorf, I was also extremely euphoric, but then it didn’t work out again. But it might be better to write of 20 years than of 19 … “, said the 47-year-old Saxon before the start in Oberstdorf SID.

First report from December 29th: Munich / Oberstdorf – At the end of the year the Four Hills Tournament is due, in the Bavarian Oberstdorf the first act of the traditional winter sports-Event. The native of Oberstdorf gave in the qualification on Tuesday Karl Geiger a first taste of his skills and only had to admit defeat to the Japanese Ryoyu Kobayashi. Both jumpers go into the competition as favorites, but Geiger warns of the competition.

Four Hills Tournament in the live ticker: Opening competition in Oberstdorf – What is Karl Geiger doing?

After a second place in qualification at the beginning Geiger was optimistic in his home country. “The basic idea fits. I think I can approach it with good confidence, “said the 28-year-old after his 127.5 meter jump. The German is also the overall World Cup leader in the 70th Four Hills Tournament and is therefore one of the aspirants for the first victory, last year Geiger secured first place at his home game.

But he remains modest despite his strong preludes. “Nuances will definitely decide, but I think a few others will have their say as well,” said Geiger, referring to a duel with Kobayashi. Other favorites are Austria’s Stefan Kraft and Halvor Egner Granerud from Norway, who came third in the qualification.

Four Hills Tournament in the live ticker: Eisenbichler is annoyed after the qualification – six German jumpers there

Besides Geiger also mixed Markus Eisenbichler at the forefront, the man from Siegsdorf jumped to sixth place, even if he still sees room for improvement. “It’s not quite optimal yet,” said the 30-year-old, who was able to regain some self-confidence with a 132-meter jump. Only had with the landing the full-time federal police officer Problems. “If the button opens a bit, it could work just fine,” he added.

In addition to Geiger and Eisenbichler, three other Germans made it into the top 50 qualifiers. So also kick Severin friend (9.), Pius Paschke (17th), Constantin Schmid (20th) and Stephan Leyhe (38th) at the Oberstdorf jumping competition. (ajr) * is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA

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Four Hills Tournament in Oberstdorf: Disappointment with Karl Geiger