Footgate: Roger Vanden Stock and Georges Leekens are not among those prosecuted, here is the full list

In the end, 56 club managers, coaches, referees and players’ agents were prosecuted by the federal prosecutor’s office as part of Operation Clean Hands. Among them, some very big names, such as the president of Standard Venanzi, the strong men of Bruges Verhaeghe and Mannaert and the ex-president of the Belgian Union François De Keersmaecker, but also a few notable absentees.

Indeed, besides Dejan Veljkovic himself, who must no longer appear in court because he has fulfilled the role of repentant, there is no trace of Roger Vanden Stock (the ex-president of Anderlecht) nor of Georges Leekens. Leekens had however been targeted several times by Veljkovic in his book The confession of Veljkovic (Veljkovic’s Confession). For the rest, all the names appear in the mafia agent’s book. The other names are related to the “Mogi Bayat” component. On January 27, the indictment chamber will have to decide who will be sent back to court. Here are the 56.

The Belgian Union

1 François De Keersmaecker and 2 Steven Martens

They reportedly agreed to pay goalkeeping coach Erwin Lemmens through a fraudulent construction.


3 Herman Van Holsbeeck, 4 Philippe Collin and 5 Jo Van Biesbroeck. The ex-manager of Anderlecht would have taken important commissions and gifts (Rolex watches, luxury shirts) on transfers made by Veljkovic and Bayat. The ex-secretary general and the ex-CEO would have signed the fraudulent contracts.


6 Bruno Venanzi and 7 Olivier Renard. They are suspected of having committed crimes of forgery, in particular by writing the contract of coach Jankovic.


8 Mehdi Bayat and 9 Pierre-Yves Hendrikx. Do the ex-president of the Federation and the secretary of Charleroi have things to reproach themselves for because of the link with Mogi, the house agent of the club?


10 Bart Verhaeghe and 11 Vincent Mannaert. They would have agreed to pay part of the departure bonus of Georges Leekens black.


12 Thierry Steemans, 13 Johan Timmermans, 14 Olivier Somers, 15 Stefaan Vanroy, 16 Herman Stijlemans. Mechelen is the most involved club. Several ex-managers allegedly rigged the end-of-season game against Waasland-Beveren.


17 Roger Lambrecht. The king of undeclared payments.


18 Dirk Degraen, 19 Patrick Janssens, 20 Herbert Houben, 21 Filip Aerden and 22 Herman Nijs. In particular, they signed fake scouting contracts to be able to pay their coach Peter Maes.


23 Michel Louwagie. He would have drawn up false contracts for 509,500 euros for Veljkovic. His close ties to Mogi Bayat are also examined.


24 Luc Devroe. The ex-manager of Anderlecht would have taken a commission on the transfer of Marusic from Ostend to Lazio Rome.


25 Patrick Turcq and 26 Matthias Leterme. They have worked with both Veljkovic and Bayat.


27 Dirk Huyck, 28 Olivier Swolfs, 29 André Opgenhaffen, 30 Melchior Roossens. Some of them are involved in the match-fixing attempt Mechelen – Waasland-Beveren.


31 Paul Van der Schueren and 32 Luc Denteneer. They would have accepted certain fraudulent constructions to pay Ivan Leko.

The coaches

33 Peter Maes, 34 Ivan Leko, 35 Erwin Lemmens, 36 Ronny Vangeneugden, 37 Glen De Boeck, 38 Yannick Ferrera and 39 Christian N’Sengi-Biembe

Maes is the most targeted. He would have won 2.5 million in black. Sometimes he put the tickets in bread bags. Leko would have taken commissions on the transfers of three players but he denies and takes Veljkovic to court. Lemmens was paid by the Belgian Union via a fraudulent build by Veljkovic. Vangeneugden, De Boeck and Yannick Ferrera would have made money on a transfer, but they deny. The charges against N’Sengi-Biembe, ex-coach and technical director of Congo, are not known.

The referees

40 Sébastien Delferière and 41 Bart Vertenten. They are suspected of influencing matches at the request of Veljkovic, in exchange for gifts. Veljkovic clears Vertenten but claims Delferière promised Van Holsbeeck that Anderlecht would not lose at Brugge in 2017.

The agents

42 Mogi Bayat et Creative and Management Group, 43 Walter Mortelmans, 44 Thomas Troch, 45 Evert Maeschalck, 46 Uros Jankovic, 47 Dragan Siljanoski, 48 Lazo Liposki, 49 Nedzad Tanovic. Mogi is, along with Veljkovic, the key character in “Clean Hands”. He made dozens of dodgy transfers and is suspected, through his company Creative and Management Group, of laundering money. Mortelmans, Troch and Maeschalck deny their role in the rigging of Mechelen – Waasland-Beveren. Uros Jankovic was Veljkovic’s right-hand man. Siljanoski is considered a member of a criminal organization. Liposki notably received a commission for the transfer of Hanni to Moscow. Tanovic is a Cypriot agent who helped Lokeren pay off Peter Maes under the table.

the lawyer

50 Laurent Denis

This very brilliant sports lawyer especially helped Mogi Bayat to carry out important transfers, like that of Hanni in Moscow.

The banker

51 Luc Anthony. The banker in Genk had opened dozens of shady accounts for Veljkovic and was giving the agent cash, sometimes 400,000 euros a day.

Family members

52 Goran Veljkovic, 53 Branko Veljkovic, 54 Marija Bogojevska, 55 Uglesja Jankovic, 56 An Bruyndonckx

Dejan Veljkovic’s brother, father and girlfriend helped him dribble past the Belgian tax authorities. Uglesja Jankovic is the brother of Uros, Veljkovic’s lieutenant. Bruyndonckx, ex-secretary of FC Malinois, is Maes’ companion and was aware of the criminal practices.

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Footgate: Roger Vanden Stock and Georges Leekens are not among those prosecuted, here is the full list