Fico: «Now roll up your sleeves. The M5S is a driving force on minimum wages and rights “

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The President of the Chamber: Conte’s project is solid, the first steps are well

President Fico, the M5S is experiencing a phase of tension. Is Conte’s project faltering?

Absolutely not. Giuseppe Conte’s solid project is taking its first steps which seem very positive to me. Clearly we have to roll up our sleeves, and we will all do it together

In the Senate there was a strong split, in the Chamber there is an even worse risk.

I would speak of internal confrontation, not of split. And the path to achieve our goals together

MPs are afraid of early elections.

Our country is facing multiple challenges, one of the most complex periods from the post-war period to today. The parliamentarians are at work. We have a duty to advance on the timeline of the National Recovery and Resilience Plan in order to have access to European resources. To do this, we need to have a strong Parliament that works continuously. This is not in the interest of individual deputies or senators but of the entire country

What do you think of totonomi for the Quirinale?

As Speaker of the Chamber it is not appropriate for me to intervene in this regard

was in Washington for an official visit with speaker Nancy Pelosi, but also met with several progressive exponents.

It was an important and fruitful visit which made it possible to further strengthen the already excellent relations between our parliaments and our countries. There is great esteem and trust in Italy. Then I also had other meetings, at the State Department and with deputies and think tank working on US-Europe relations, as well as on issues of social equity and ecological transition. With progressives we have shared various analyzes on these issues

You talked about the climate crisis. The Glasgow COP is in danger of being a failure.

The discussion about these challenges is so strong and widespread, this general sentiment is already a fact, an achievement, and is bringing results. Of course we are still a long way from achieving the optimal result. The greatest efforts, especially diplomatic ones, must be made to shorten the distance with some countries whose emission levels are beyond the critical threshold. The 360-degree effort, the Parliaments are making their contribution, as demonstrated by the Rome Pre-Cop. Multiplying the moments of multilateral confrontation can be the way to find points of contact and shorten distances

In Europe, the M5S is preparing the landing among the socialists: other discontent in sight?

Our MEPs have been working since the beginning of the legislature to define membership in a group. There have been several comparisons. I myself have met on several occasions with representatives of Socialists and Democrats and the Greens. I agree with the work that Conte and the European parliamentarians are carrying out. Beyond a specific location, always complex if we think about the history and path of the M5S, our North Star must be values: social rights and the fight against inequalities, protection of common goods and ecological transition, a qualitative leap and of courage on civil rights

Many see the M5S flattened on the Pd.

There are also those who say the opposite. And I don’t agree with it anyway. The Movement has put on the table the defense of some key measures for the government’s agenda. I am thinking of citizenship income and the eco-bonus, to give two examples. I believe that the M5S, as in its history, can impose new reflections and thus new themes, as it has done in recent years on the environment and sustainability. Let’s look at the country right now and its prospects. GDP is growing but Italy is stuck on the subject of wage adjustment: a serious discussion on the minimum wage has become urgent. I could say the same on the ground of civil rights, which must see the Movement, as a state in the past, a driving force, starting with the law on euthanasia. We are relaunching on these fronts with courage

There are those who dispute that the M5S is becoming only a territorial party of the South.

We have a strong roots in the South, this is undoubted. Conte’s priorities include an economic agenda that can equally interpret the needs of the whole country

But on a political level, the M5S is faltering. On the eco-bonus he celebrates but a half defeat.

The M5S does not falter. And the eco-bonus was extended. It seems to me that there is a very broad consensus on overcoming the ceiling linked to the ISEE and Parliament will discuss it

satisfied with how the citizenship income has changed? What should be protected?

Personally, I am proud that our country has a similar measure of social justice that has represented an anchor for many in the period we come from. The changes made do not overwhelm either the sense or the founding core, but invest more the connection with active labor policies, which however require further strengthening.

Does the stop to the Zan bill in the Senate mark a surrender for this legislature?

it was a missed opportunity. But, I repeat, let’s listen to the country: many are waiting for a civil law against homotransphobia. I hope that we can pick up the thread.

The theme of euthanasia ended up in the drawer.

in the House calendar. A clear political signal. Now we need to find a high summary and approve a necessary measure. Parliament cannot delegate to judges or the Court what it is unable or unwilling to address: it is also an institutional dignity

Will Parliament be able to achieve the objectives for the NRP?

We are following a path in stages, a tight schedule but at this stage I feel like saying that I am optimistic

happy with the reopening of the ocean liner?

Its reopening is a small symbolic but valuable gesture. a small step towards the return to normal after the impact of the pandemic. I was committed to its temporary transformation and I have lived up to this commitment

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Fico: «Now roll up your sleeves. The M5S is a driving force on minimum wages and rights ”