Fiat 500 Diabolika, the car inspired by the Diabolik comic on display in Turin

From the Studiotorino collection, the Fiat 500 of the King of Terror present at the Mauto in Turin until 6 March 2022 at the “Colpo grosso al Museo” exhibition dedicated to Diabolik, which just this year celebrated its 60th birthday.

Diabolik is back among us forcefully in these days: from the Manetti Bros film, to the exhibition at the Mole Antonelliana to the “Colpo grosso al Museo” exhibition at the Mauto in Turin. And, the Automobile Museum itself hosts, until 6 March 2022, the limited edition Fiat 500 Diabolika from the Studiotorino collection, designed by Maria Paola Stola and set up in collaboration with the historic publishing house of Diabolik, Astorina. A car that debuted in 2008 and over the years has become a cult object, exhibited all over the world, in international exhibitions in Turin, Paris and London. The bodywork is painted with a particular matte black, and the drawings, taken from Diabolik’s comics, are all original, with the interior leathers printed in digital printing, and the seats depicting the King of terror and Eva Kant.


The artistic version of the “Diabolika” city car, built on a Fiat 500 basis, is one of the most “creative” examples of the Turin atelier in the world of exclusive customizations. “Getting in and driving a Diabolika means entering as actors in a super new number of the famous comic – explains Maria Paola Stola, who designed the car – becoming accomplices and protagonists in an environment where you can live daily, with irony, the exciting stories of Diabolik and of his partner Eva Kant ”. The 500 Diabolika bodywork is painted with a particular matt black and is characterized by the two matt red fins, frieze of the sporty Studiotorino bodywork, a shade that recalls the image printed on the paper of the comic itself. The wheels are original and absolutely unusual, with the Borrani spoked rim that recalls the Jaguar E-Type driven by the King of terror on his adventures, with Brembo sports disc brakes. And for Diabolika, Pirelli has created tires with a brand new hand-sculpted tread pattern, depicting the grille of the famous bandit.


Inside, Diabolika envelops the atmosphere of the most beloved comic noir, with the King of terror and his accomplice and companion Eva Kant welcoming passengers in the front seats. Driving comfort is highlighted by fine materials digitally printed on automotive leather. The technological innovation of this project is represented precisely by the artistic printing of the leathers: Maria Paola Stola proposed to transfer the digital printing technology from fabric to leather for automotive use. And the result of this production process is a leather in line with the most refined single-color products on the market, both to the touch and to the smell. With a wear resistance that is unmatched. “The Mario Levi Spa company, an excellence in the world of automotive leather – explains Maria Paola Stola -, has supplied the raw material to support this technology which was in its infancy in 2008, obtaining a quality beyond all expectations”.


Among the details that make the 500 Diabolika by Studiotorino truly unique and of great impact, the famous design called “the gash” on the sun blind, the shape of the mask on the gear knob, and in some drawers the booty studded with Swarovski crystals is hidden. . On the back seat, on the other hand, is represented the “chase”, created exclusively for this Limited Edition by the historic Diabolik cartoonist Enzo Facciolo. In setting up the interior of the car, which has the copyright of the Astorina publishing house, the creator Maria Paola Stola allowed herself some unusual stylistic “divertissements”, such as the application of “hobby” techniques such as découpage.


Studiotorino’s “custom-built” model was made in two copies, one of which was in the hands of a French collector. “This special edition of Diabolika is certainly not driven by the powerful engine of the car dear to Diabolik, but by the power of the imagination – explains Maria Paola Stola – Diabolika is the result of a challenge with Fiat and Harald Wester. With the release of the new 500 in 2008, Fiat launched many Limited Edition models, and Wester said it would be impossible for us to think of anything new ”. A provocation that brings Maria Paola Stola to the offices of the Astorina publishing house, to propose a special version of the city car to Mario Giuseppe Gomboli, cartoonist and editor of the Diabolik series. “Gomboli gave us a hundred drawings to choose from, and our Diabolika is ready in a few weeks”.

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Fiat 500 Diabolika, the car inspired by the Diabolik comic on display in Turin