Felice Mazzù speaks before Union-Gand: “Mentally, this match must be easy for us”

The Union wants to end its beautiful year 2021 on a high note. By welcoming the Ghent this Sunday (6.30 p.m.), Felice Mazzù’s men will try to string together a fifth straight victory before plunging into the winter break. “I expect a very difficult game against one of the teams that is performing the best at the moment, analyzes Mazzù. They have the most complete nucleus in terms of quantity and quality. When Bezus is not playing, it is Hjuslager who is aligned. When Castro-Montes is not on the field, he is replaced by Samoise. In the middle, there is De Sart, Odjidja, Kums … Despite the sequence of meetings (Editor’s note: Gand goes playing their ninth game in less than a month), they won’t be a tired team. They have so many quality players at the same level that the sequence of matches will not be a disadvantage for them. “

On the Unionist side, we take this meeting without any pressure despite the status of leader of the championship. “It has to be a game mentally, I mean mentally, easy. Like other big D1A clubs, Ghent is a team that aims for the Top 4 and the title. We are not. The pressure is on their side and we are on our side. We will have to play this match with the will to have fun, while being aware that the first leg was difficult even if we had done well in the organization. “

2021 has been an incredible year for the Union, which has lost only 4 games in … 33 league games. Enough to give a smile to Felice Mazzù who does not want to get carried away. “This proves that the group has ambition, he says. If we want to be a nice surprise again, we must continue to want to win each match without putting pressure on ourselves. And at the same time, my group will have to be smart enough to handle the lies and destabilizing maneuvers that may exist (Editor’s note: In a recent interview given to another media outlet, Mazzù saw his words about his dream of one day being a national team coach be changed to dreams of being one day coach of the Devils). Whether at the level of the press, agents or opposing clubs. But also sometimes with a different arbitration compared to the status of a small poor team like the Union against rich teams that play the title. “

Ismaël Kandouss: “Have confidence in ourselves”

Ismaël Kandouss, for his part, recalls the difficulties encountered by the Union in the first leg in Ghent despite the victory (0-2). “It was the toughest game of the season, where we were in the most danger. But thanks to our mental strength, we managed to win the game. Sunday, we will have to stay compact and defend well. We must have Confidence in ourselves and playing without pressure. This Ghent team is strong on the ball, likes to have possession and is very strong offensively. Collectively, we feel that it is a team that plays Europe. “

A few days before the end of the year, the 24-year-old central defender took stock of the beautiful year 2021 experienced on the Union side. “More than a year, I want to talk about a year and a half since the arrival of the coach. We managed to move up to D1A and then have a very good first part of the championship. We have an exceptional group and we have to take advantage of that because everything can go very quickly, both ways, in football. “

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Felice Mazzù speaks before Union-Gand: “Mentally, this match must be easy for us”