Explosion in Ravanusa, a building collapses: 12 missing, among them 3 children

A 4-storey building collapsed in Ravanusa, in the province of Agrigento, perhaps due to the rupture of a gas pipe: 12 missing, among them a pregnant woman and 3 children. The mayor: a disaster, anyone who can help out does it

A 4-storey building that collapsed on Saturday evening in via Galilei a Ravanusa, a center of over 10 thousand inhabitants 50 minutes by car from Agrigento.

To cause the collapse – which took place around 20.30 – would have been breaking a
city ​​gas pipeline pipe.

Other buildings involved: the area of ​​an entire district of the city, between the streets of Peace, Galilei, Trilussa and Nuoro, badly damaged. According to the firefighters, eleven buildings were affected by the explosion.

At the moment the budget is at least 12 missing, including three children and a pregnant woman. The displaced are dozens. Some residents of the apartments reduced to rubble managed to escape unharmed or slightly injured.

A woman was found under the rubble of one of the collapsed buildings in the center of Ravanusa. live and scream. The firefighters are trying to get it out, but it’s not easy because there are constant gas leaks that the firefighters themselves are trying to stop.

In the images posted by the residents of the city on social networks they can be seen rubble, pieces of fixtures and other debris scattered for tens of meters in the area around the building devastated by the explosion, while the alarms of some cars and some apartments sound madly.

The electricity was cut in the whole area: Mamma mia, mamma mia, a disaster many exclaim in front of the scene of destruction. It looks like Beirut. The images that come to us from Ravanusa with broken glass, debris on the ground and rubble, rubble thrown tens of meters from the site of the explosion, Salvo Cocina, the head of the regional department of Civil Protection, told Adnkronos. We are ready to search the rubble as soon as the area is secured.

The firefighters of Canicatt, Agrigento and Licata have put out the flames, but the regional civil protection explains that gas pockets of the city network prevent safe access to the rubble. Italgas technicians are also working in the area to secure the network.

In an appeal posted on social media, the mayor of Ravanusa Carmelo D’Angelo has launched an appeal to anyone with shovels, bulldozers, tankers and mechanical means: give us a hand, a disaster.

Numerous teams of volunteers from the Civil Protection, firefighters and the Red Cross, from various municipalities in the Agrigento area, responded to the call by going to Ravanusa.

The Prosecutor of Agrigento Luigi Patronaggio, commenting on what had happened, he said that this is the moment for help. Tomorrow morning, when the special team of firefighters from Palermo will intervene, the Prosecutor’s Office will also intervene. At the moment we have news of missing people, we must wait and understand.

The Archbishop of Agrigento, Alessandro Damiano, expressed his closeness to the Ravanusa community which is experiencing moments of apprehension following the explosion caused by a gas leak. I pray for those who are working to contain the danger and to ascertain the hoped-for absence of victims. May the Lord keep us strong in tribulation and open to hope.

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Explosion in Ravanusa, a building collapses: 12 missing, among them 3 children