Even the key to Prague is not enough yet. Nevertheless, Sparta remains within reach of its dream goal – Sport.cz

Forty-five points is a solid feat. It could often be enough for the leader. Not so this year.

“It’s not enough, but Slavia and Pilsen have scored more points. But we could also have more. At least four, because we should have managed some matches ending in a draw better, “points out coach Pavel Vrba about the division of points in matches for Bohemians, in Ostrava or, for example, at home with Jablonec.

After the groping seasons in the summer before the new year, Sparta again openly announced an attack on the championship. And her dream, unlike in previous years, will survive the winter.

“They clearly proved that they were in contact with Slavia. For a moment, they threatened to lose eight points, which would be too much. If you lose three points, there will be something to play for in the spring, so autumn will be fine. In addition, Sparta will continue in Europe in the spring, “says Horst Siegl, an international and one of the club’s icons.

At their stadium, Letenští under the coach Vrba is almost 100%, but they often give away points outside.

“Sparta is strong at home, but she is losing points outside. That’s why I asked myself after Slovácko whether he has a title at all. We were strong at home too, but only a regular gain of points outside makes you a master … Explanation is hard to find, it’s probably in the players that they can’t do their best outside, “muses the second best cannon player in the Czech league.

The hero of the derby is Lukáš Haraslín. It was decided by the whole team, I believed in the standardVideo: Sport.cz

In any case, the team broke one huge mind. For the first time since March 2016, they defeated Slavia in a derby. However, even the key to Prague is not enough for Sparta to rule the league.

“It occurs to me that recently Sparta played the derby better in Eden, where, for example, she at least drew while losing significantly at home. Derby is not pretty, she has finally managed to destroy the bugger now, which should strengthen her for the spring as well, “says Siegl.

The Champions League remained remote

As for the cup scene, the dream of the Champions League quickly failed in Monaco. Sparta played the European League, from which it moves to the Conference.

“Confrontation with French rivals has shown a big difference in quality. I was disappointed that Sparta did not finish second in the group. The match in Glasgow was bad, as if she had moved back two steps. The performance disappointed both the spectators and the players. They had to draw more from it and stay in the European League. But the Conference is also ok for me, interesting rivals can also be found in it. It is still a European cup and a chance to score so that more Czech teams can play, “argues Siegl.

The question is how the club will use the winter transfer date. He was the first reinforcement to bring forward Čvančar from Jablonec.

“Hložek should probably leave to improve alongside better teammates, my opinion. However, Sparta declared that she would stay for the spring so that she could play for the title with him. Karlsson has left now, but otherwise the staff does not seem to be weakening, while in connection with Pilsen and Slavia there is speculation about more noticeable departures. In that case, Sparta could be even more competitive. We will see with which personnel the leading teams will enter the spring, “the gunner is curious.

“Of course I have to wish a happy new year to all the Spartans, after a long time there is another chance for a title …” Siegl smiles.

What worked?
+ Hopes for the title are still alive, the team is in contact with the top of the table. In addition, it will survive the winter in Europe.
+ Klíč od Prahy returned to Letná, Sparta defeated Slavia for the first time since March 2016 and 14 competition derbies without a win.
+ Engagement of the representative Pešek or the new face of Haraslín, great return of the eternal loser Panák.
What went wrong?
– It turned out again in the preliminary round that the dream Champions League is still too far away.
– While at home they are almost 100%, outside they often lose and lose big matches there.
– Defensive work of the whole team, playing a match with a clean sheet is mostly beyond his power.

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Even the key to Prague is not enough yet. Nevertheless, Sparta remains within reach of its dream goal – Sport.cz