Dragus too low, too much time out and not enough crosses for Siquet and Nkounkou: lessons from Standard-Kortrijk

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Expexted goals for Kortrijk

The 16,802 sepctateurs of this Standard-Kortrijk were not spoiled on clear occasions. If the Standardmen counted more shots than the Courtraisiens (ten, including five on target against three on seven), Belhocine’s troops were ahead at the level of expected goals (1.26 for 1.14)

Dragus positioned too low

If he is surely, with Amallah and Carcela, the most technical player of the nucleus, Denis Dragus botched his copy against Kortrijk. The Romanian has never been able to be dangerous and his average position on the pitch tends to confirm this. Dragus spent most of his time at the halfway line, right next to Nkounkou. The two men tended to step on each other’s toes.

Both teams scored in their highlight

On average, Standard had more chances per minute than their direct opponent throughout the game. During the second quarter of an hour, the Liégeois pointed to 0.80 attacks per minute but they failed to materialize. For its part, Kortrijk was able to materialize its highlight by scoring in the 52nd minute. In this fourth quarter of an hour, the Kortrijans had 0.53 attacks per minute, their highest ratio. The Rouches, them, also scored in their strongest time, namely the last quarter of an hour with 0.85 attacks per minute.

Standard attacked twice as much

If we trust the figures, we realize that Standard was much more enterprising than Kortrijk over 90 minutes. Luka Elsner’s men counted up to 56 attacks, 30 more than those of Karim Belhocine. On the other hand, only nine shots were triggered as a result of these attacks on the Liège side for seven in the Kortrijk ranks.

Too much downtime

We can’t really say that this Standard-Kortrijk will have been played at a frantic pace, quite the contrary. Standardmen and Courtraisien had the worst difficulties in the world to pack the meeting. As proof of this, we have the number of minutes of down time in this part which amounts to… 49 minutes!

Donnum dribbled the most

With nine dribbles attempted for four successful, one of which leads to the equalizer, the Norwegian Aron Dönnum was the player who attempted the most dribbles last Saturday. Still, Dönnum only played 22 minutes. The player with the highest percentage of successful dribbles and… Niels Nkounkou with three successful attempts out of four, ie 75%.

Low success rate on the centers

Joao Klauss could still wait a long time for a good serve from his full-backs. Against Kortrijk, the providers of centers that were Siquet and Nkounkou have only too rarely supplied the Brazilian striker. The Diablontin tried nine centers for only three successful while the percentage of success of the French stands at zero (none of its three centers has found a taker).

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Dragus too low, too much time out and not enough crosses for Siquet and Nkounkou: lessons from Standard-Kortrijk