Draft is available: Traffic light wants vaccination for nursing home staff from March 16

Dhe traffic light parties SPD, Greens and FDP want to introduce compulsory corona vaccination for staff in facilities for particularly vulnerable people from March 16. That comes from a draft of the amendment to the Reuters news agency Infection Protection Act before, which is to be discussed in the Bundestag next week.

“To protect public health and vulnerable groups of people from Covid-19 disease, it is stipulated that people working in certain facilities and companies must be vaccinated or recovered or have a medical certificate stating that there is a contraindication to vaccination against Covid-19.” According to the draft. Employees who are already employed must submit proof of this by March 15. “From March 16, 2022, new employment relationships can only be entered into if appropriate evidence is presented,” it continues.

The regulation is intended to apply to staff in nursing homes and old people’s homes, hospitals and maternity facilities, medical and dental practices, as well as emergency services and day clinics. The reason given is the high number of deaths and serious illnesses in nursing homes and old people’s homes. In order to avoid entry and spread of the virus there, the staff working there in particular should be fully vaccinated, it says. With this, the traffic light parties implement a federal-state resolution for the introduction of a partial vaccination requirement and give it more concrete form.

In the draft, the transition period for particularly drastic corona measures, which the traffic light parties had abolished with the previous Infection Protection Act and the expiry of the epidemic situation of national scope, will be extended from December 15 to February 15, 2022. The federal states had just requested this for regions with particularly high numbers of corona infections.

In order to further accelerate the vaccination campaign, “dentists, veterinarians and pharmacists” will also be temporarily allowed to vaccinate. But you need to have been trained accordingly.

The Infection Protection Act is to be discussed and passed in the Bundestag in the coming days and also to be passed by the Bundesrat before December 15. A majority in both chambers is considered to be certain despite the vote without a parliamentary group, because the majority of the future opposition Union should also agree to this partial vaccination requirement.

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Draft is available: Traffic light wants vaccination for nursing home staff from March 16