Disappointment in Edsbyn despite derby victory

Despite Edsbyn beating Bollnäs 5-1 in the classic second-day derby, club manager Franco Bergman was most disappointed with the missed party and the financial blow.

– This became so boring in many ways, for those who did not get to see the match, for the players, for the atmosphere and for the party, he says.

It was set for the second day bandy party in the classic between Edsbyn and Bollnäs. According to the plan, about 4,300 people would watch the match on site. But after the government’s latest restriction on the pandemic, only 600 people received tickets.

It got some to queue for three hours in eight degree cold to get a ticket to the match.

The news, which came on Tuesday, was a blow to the home club Edsbyn.

– First I felt my most resigned, then it was just and think about how we can arrange this in the best way, says Franco Bergman.

He did not move outdoors

He says that there were plans to move the match to Bollnäs’ home arena to save the folk festival because the current restrictions only applied to indoor activities.

– But we had too little time on us considering the permits and so on. I think they (the government) could have given the message earlier or given us more time to adjust, says Bergman.

The loss of audience means that the bandy club in Edsbyn loses a few hundred thousand kronor.

– It is important money for us, says Bergman.

“Dirty boring”

After year card holders and sponsors received their priority tickets, the few who remained were released as the first in line. At the front were Elina Järnkrok, Simon Olsson, Ture Friberg and Sixten Lind from Bollnäs. They had queued for three hours in minus eight degrees to be sure to see the match.

– We thought that there would be some interested Edsby residents here, but they were not on time, says Simon Olsson and laughs.

Ture Friberg adds:

– At the same time, it is very sad that it has become like this. We were going to come here with the supporters’ association and have fun. Now it was like this and we wanted to be out in time to get tickets.

Volleyball goal by Wikblad

The 600 who came in got to see Edsbyn take their sixth straight second-day victory against Bollnäs, which has not had a Christmas party in this context since 2015.

Admittedly, Bollnäs took the lead with 1-0 through Hans Andersson in the 14th minute. After that, it was only Edsbyn, who really showed why they are a top team in the series.

Even though Bollnäs had some chances, it was Edsbyn who had more speed, created the most well-thought-out attacks and scored the goals. This was an easy victory for Edsbyn, who are hanging on in the top battle.

In the 20th minute, Edsbyn came 2-1 who can be nominated for this year’s goal. Vadim Arkhipkin got a hard high ball towards Bollnäs’ goal which team captain Oscar Wikblad hit on a volley, like a baseball player, in the net.

There was great cheering for Wikblad, who became a two-goal scorer and before this match signed a new two-year contract for Edsbyn.


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Disappointment in Edsbyn despite derby victory