Di Stéfano, Puskás, Ronaldo and now Benzema. The French legionnaire scored Real’s thousandth goal in the Champions League

Manu Fernandez, ČTK / AP

Ferenc Puskás contributed 35 goals on the way to the thousand-goal goal, Alfredo Di Stéfano scored fourteen goals more in the former European Champions Cup, which was the predecessor of the Champions League, Raúl Gonzáles scored 66 goals in Real’s jersey in the most prestigious European club competition, Karim Benzema currently has 75 on his account.

He would have to add thirty-one more to match Ronald with 106 goals scored in a Real jersey, but even so, after the match with Shakhtar, he is the same icon as the star CR7.

Ronaldo was the author of goals conquering goals with numbers 800 and 900, but Benzema became the most coveted. Thousands …

Real’s journey to the Thousand
1st goal Miguel Muňoz
100th goal Di Stefano
200th goal Puskás
300th goal Jensen
400th goal Losada
500th goal Guti
600th goal Beckham
700th goal Higuain
800th goal Ronaldo
900th goal Ronaldo
1000th goal Benzema

“It was a difficult match for us against a good opponent. We may not have played well, but the important thing was that we managed our work and got three points, “Benzema did not deny that his Real had a lot of problems with his Ukrainian opponent. .

“We don’t play well, but the important thing is that we win. It’s not even possible to show football every time that the spectators would be enthusiastic about when we play a hard match every third day. And we often suffer at the same time, “Benzema pointed to one’s knee swollen after one of the opponent’s fouls.

“That’s why I’m more pleased with the three points scored than the two goals scored.”

Real footballers rejoice in the Champions League from a goal against Shakhtar.

Manu Fernandez, ČTK / AP

Real’s game was really far from what Italian coach Carlo Ancelotti promised at the inauguration in June. No offensive storms took place this time either, the play of the White Ballet was skyrocketing to Ancelotti’s assurance that he would order Real offensive football.

“I understand the fans were not satisfied. But sometimes it’s good that he wakes us up with a whistle, “of course, even the 62-year-old coach perceived the audience’s discontinuity.” We had the match under control, but we weren’t dangerous enough, “he admitted after winning 2: 1.

The Champions League knows the other advancers. Real celebrates a win and a record goal

It wasn’t until Benzema’s second goal in the Champions League for the first time twelve years ago at San Sir in Milan that the White Ballet fans reconciled, so they applauded the captain. Brazilian Vinícius Junior, who scored on both goals, of course also.

“The collaboration between Benzema, Casemiro and Vinícius Junior works really well,” Ancelotti praised himself as he and Real approached the gates of the round of 16.

Of course, he is proud of Benzem, who has already scored 13 goals in 14 competitive matches this season, as well as of the White Ballet, which has exceeded the 1000th goal scored in the Champions League and has no competition in this direction.

After all, the Munich Bayern, who is second in the historical rankings, has so far scored 759 goals in the Champions League, and the third Barcelona “only” 655 goals.

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Di Stéfano, Puskás, Ronaldo and now Benzema. The French legionnaire scored Real’s thousandth goal in the Champions League