Davide Giri stabbed to death in New York: he was a graduate student at Columbia – National Newspaper

Rome, December 3, 2021 – One Italian student of Columbia University he was stabbed to death last night in Harlem, not far from the university campus. The dean of the university identified him as Davide Giri aged 30, studying for a doctorate after studying at the Polytechnic of Turin, as reported on the social profiles.

The brutal assault took place around 11 pm, at 123rd street and Amsterdam Avenue: Giri was walking, near Morningside Park, when it was stabbed in the abdomen. Immediately transported to Mount Sinai Morningside Hospital, he died from his serious injuries.

The 25enne who killed him was then stopped by the police in Central Park and, according to sources, is affiliated with one gang nota come “EveryBody Killer”. According to the New York Post, it had already been since 2012 arrested at least 11 times for robberies and other crimes. Shortly after attacking Giri, from what is learned, the boy would have a 27-year-old tourist was also stabbed, later also identified by the New York Times as italiano.

Davide Giri was originally from Alba, in the Cunesse. His father, Renato, is a mathematics teacher at the Liceo Classico and was one of the founders of the Alba Città per Vivere civic list. The mother Giuseppina was also involved in social work, as was the son, well known for the activities of Volunteering carried out with the parish of Santa Margherita in Musotto. Davide had a sister, Caterina, and a brother, Michele. He had studied engineering at Polytechnic of Turin, where he graduated with full marks and honors, then specialized in electronics at the Tongji University di Shangai and had a master’s degree in electronic engineering from the Polytechnic and one from University of Illinois, Chicago. Since 2016 Giri, which he had worked for Fiat Chrysler, was attending Columbia University in New York, where he played – we read from his Linkedin profile and the one on Columbia – also the role of assistant, to deepen the studies of philosophy and design applied to the sciences. The student lived in campus of the New York University, in room 467 at the Computer Science Building, at number 500 West of 120th Street, not far from where he was stabbed.

According to the New York Post, the attacker – identified as Vincent Pinkney – has already 11 arrests dating back to 2012 for robberies and assaults, in addition to other alleged crimes, according to police sources. The dad of the suspect confirmed to the newspaper that the 25-year-old had “spent some time in jail”, but said he was “not known to be violent at all.” “I don’t really know if he’s involved in gang activities. I don’t really know where he comes out, “said the father, adding that he hadn’t seen him since Thursday.

“This news is both inexplicably sad and deeply upsetting, and it happened just off campus. The university is in contact with the NYPD to learn more about the attack. Of course, we will keep you posted.” as stated by the president of Columbia University, Lee Bollinger, in a press release addressed to students. “These are moments in which being a community is really important – concluded Bollinger -. This is why I encourage you to meet, to see one another, others need you, as you do others. Count on the support of others. ‘University”.

A New York police car is parked in front of the entrance to Morningside Park, Harlem, where Davide Grilli was killed and where, two years ago, the11th December 2019, came killed another 18-year-old student, Tessa Majors, just enrolled at Barnard College. The girl was walking into the park, at 7pm, when she was attacked by three boys – including a 13-year-old – who wanted to rob her, probably of the telephone. To the student’s reaction, one of the three attackers replied stabbing her many times. The injured girl had tried to get help, but had collapsed on a staircase at the corner of Morningside Drive and 116th Street. Majors had time to tell about the attack to a security officer, before being transported to Mount Sinai Morningside Hospital, where she died. The Mount Sinai it is the same hospital where the Italian student was taken, who later died of serious injuries to his abdomen.

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Davide Giri stabbed to death in New York: he was a graduate student at Columbia – National Newspaper