Darts World Cup: Sensation! Double-monster Hempel today released the Dreammaker

Debutant Florian Hempel (Cologne) caused a sensation at the Darts World Cup in London. In the second round, the 31-year-old from Cologne surprisingly beat the number five seeded Belgian Dimitri Van den Bergh 3-1 at the Alexandra Palace. On Monday, after Christmas on the island, Hempel meets Raymond Smith from Australia.

“It’s absolutely unbelievable. I felt comfortable on stage,” said Hempel. Van den Bergh is after all “one of the best players in the world”.

Hempel, who had eliminated Martin Schindler (Strausberg) in the German duel at the start of the tournament, started strong. The newcomer hit the double fields with a high percentage and got set one with a break.

Van den Bergh (27), World Matchplay Champion 2020, struck back unimpressed and won the second round 3-0. That was “a difficult moment” for Hempel, he said DAZN.

But Hempel, who shone with a strong checkout rate of 75 percent, put away the setback, continued to play excellently and used his first match dart. “I was able to turn the momentum around again and at the back I played out exactly my strengths that I have shown again and again in the last few months – the finishes between 60 and 110,” explained Hempel. He had previously joked: “Nobody will believe me!”

This means that two out of four Germans are still in the tournament – Hempel and Gabriel Clemens (Saarwellingen / 38), who made it to the round of 16 a year ago and will join on December 23.

Darts WM: The results of today’s evening session at a glance

Player 1 Result Player 2
V. van der Voort 3:0 Adam Hunt
Michael Smith 3:0 Ron Meulenkamp
D. Van den Bergh 1:3 Florian Hempel
Devon Petersen 0:3 Raymond Smith

Darts World Cup: Florian Hempel vs. Dimitri van den Bergh in the live ticker for reading

Conclusion: Wow, what a splendid story: Florian Hempel defeats Dimitri Van den Bergh 3: 1 in the sets and knocks the number five in the world out of the tournament! In the first set he unpacked his best darts at the crucial moment, before the dreammaker hit back hard in the second. The crux of the matter was the third set: Thanks to his outstanding checkout rate of almost 80 percent in the end, Hempel broke his opponents, but really didn’t let anything get caught in the back. Van den Bergh didn’t play a bad match with his 101 average – but his doubles and the incredible strength of nerves of his opponent pulled his teeth out today. This means that Hempel’s journey continues, in the round of 16 he will meet the winner between Devon Petersen and Raymond Smith. So he spends Christmas in London!

The sensation is perfect! Florian Hempel defeated world number five Dimitri van den Bergh 3-1 in sets!

Hempel – van den Bergh: Important 140 that Hempel throws in the middle game. Van den Bergh let the scores down, the German countered again with a 140 and stood at 64 remaining. With the T16 and the D8 he made the sensation perfect in no time at all. What nerves, what a double quota!

Hempel – van den Bergh: Van den Bergh really has to bite here because Hempel won’t give up. The favorite has to take out the 84, but throws past both the D12 and the D6 – and the German is immediately on the spot! With two darts he throws the 86 empty. One leg is missing for a sensation!

Hempel – van den Bergh: Now the outsider can start again with his own attack. Since he catches the T20 too seldom, Van den Bergh has the chance to check 94 for a break. After the bullseye and the easy 12, he missed the D16, Hempel punished him directly with a 100 finish. Really strong!

Hempel – van den Bergh: Hempel manages the perfect start with the 180 in the fourth leg of the set, Van den Bergh on the other hand only a 60. Then again the Belgian counters with a 140 and a 144, the German moves up to 36 despite a 52. In the second attempt he does 31-year-olds enter the set via the D18!

Hempel – van den Bergh: The world number five now throws his fifth 180, but does not hit the double 20. Hempel uses his chance and hits the arrow in the double 16. Break made.

Hempel – van den Bergh: Van den Bergh is now living up to his role as a favorite, throwing his fourth 180 of the game but missing the break. Hempel then turns off 104. That was important now.

Hempel – van den Bergh: The Belgian starts his throw-off with 100 points. Hempel, on the other hand, simply does not find the triple, so van den Bergh takes the first leg without difficulty.

Darts World Cup: Florian Hempel vs. Dimitri van den Bergh NOW in the live ticker – Van den Bergh equalizes

Hempel – van den Bergh: Hempel is currently just over 80 points on average in the second set. His opponent, on the other hand, is approaching the 110 mark. The Belgian is in a really good mood now. 142 he makes it up and quickly balances out. It is 1: 1 according to sentences.

Hempel – van den Bergh: Van den Bergh is also on the gas in the next leg. A 180 first, then he quickly clears away the 90 points. 2-0 for the Belgian.

Hempel – van den Bergh: Good start to the new set for Hempel. He immediately drops 140 points. The Belgian remains close behind and can get his first break at the end.

Darts World Cup: Florian Hempel vs. Dimitri van den Bergh NOW in the live ticker – Hempel gets the first set

Hempel – van den Bergh: The following leg decides on the set win. The German first throws triple-20s three times and then gets the break. The first sentence goes to Hempel.

Hempel – van den Bergh: Both throw an average of over 100 points. Van den Bergh missed the triple twice in a row, but stayed close. Hempel can make out though. 2: 2.

Hempel – van den Bergh: The Belgian replied to Hempels 180 with 140. A few throws later, van den Bergh hit the double 18 in the first attempt and thus took the leg.

Hempel – van den Bergh: Then Hempel does the same and immediately throws his first 180. Van den Bergh missed the break. Hempel keeps his nerve and balances.

Hempel – van den Bergh: What a start for van den Bergh! The Belgian starts with a 180. Hempel can keep up well. Ultimately, van den Bergh took the first leg.

Before start: In the third set, too, Smith has the lead and clearly wins 3-0 in the end. It won’t be long before Hempel and van den Bergh go to the window.

Before start: Before it gets down to business between Hempel and van den Bergh, Michael Smith and Ron Meulenkamp have to end their game. There Smith is currently leading 2-0 in sets. So could go quickly.

Before start: Eight games are on the program at the 2022 Darts World Cup in London today, including one with German participation. Florian Hempel meets Dimitri van den Bergh in lap two, it starts at 10 p.m.

Before start: Hello and welcome to the live ticker!

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Darts World Cup: Sensation! Double-monster Hempel today released the Dreammaker