Czech hockey players will play in Russia against Saturday in goal with Will –

Sborná has presented herself twice at the tournament. On Wednesday, she dealt with Canada (4: 3), which participates in the tournament extraordinarily in the Olympic season, and on Thursday, the charges of coach Alexei Žamnov pushed the Swedes by a difference of only one goal (1: 0). The Czechs, on the other hand, did not reach the first win of the season or the fourth attempt.

“I think it was decided that we started a bit of professorial games. Even though we had enough of them and we had a long five to three, and four to three in overtime, we had to decide in this part of the game,” said Pešán. when evaluating matches.

“We know that we could have won the match by a bigger difference, but the goals didn’t work for us there. In my opinion, the second period was a great match, we have to follow up on other matches as well,” said forward Milan Gulaš.

At the Karjala tournament in November, the Russians finished third with three points, defeating only the Czech national team after a 5: 2 result. At home business, however, they traditionally have an even stronger and more experienced selection. A year ago, the choir won 4: 1 at the same event. The Czechs succeeded only once in the last five mutual fights, at home Carlson hockey games (4: 0).

The Czech team did not arrive at the hotel in Moscow until the morning and at 13:30 CET they trained for the first time in the CSKA arena in the Park of Legends on the side training ground. “We arrived late, at half past six, so it was important for the boys to leave and have their feet for Saturday’s match. It was better than flying today and then sitting on the bus for four hours. We all made it, we’re done. and now to manage the match, “said Pešán’s assistant Martin Straka.

Photo: Michal Kamaryt, CTK

From left Juuso Hietanen from Finland, goalkeeper Harri Säteri, Czech representative Milan Gulaš Michael Frolík.Photo: Michal Kamaryt, CTK

“It was a bit hectic, but we are professionals. We gained as much strength as we could. We are a little used to traveling here in Russia, it is nothing new for us,” added forward Tomas Hyka. The traffic jam team did not stay out of the airport, but a bit on the way to training. “Typical Moscow, moreover on Friday,” Hyka said.

“We went to the winter for a little over an hour.

“It certainly wasn’t pleasant, but I think everyone slept well enough and now there is plenty of time to rest in the evening. Maybe we can talk at the hotel and go to bed,” Jeřábek added.

The Czech team again worked on powerlifting and improving the terminal. “We tried a lot to try five to four because I think it was the biggest problem in that match (with the Finns) and I think it cost us the victory. We had to decide in overtime, but unfortunately we couldn’t. They were we are static, slow and there was no ending, “Straka said.

“Yesterday we had enough chances to score more goals, but unfortunately we didn’t make it there. We try to do it every day and maybe it will improve. I think it’s about slowing everything down, it’s not the first. It doesn’t have to be any force, but it has to fly out of the stick right away, because the goalkeeper doesn’t have time to get into position, “said Straka.

Photo: Michal Kamaryt, CTK

From left, Czech representative Michael Frolík, Markus Nurmi from FinlandPhoto: Michal Kamaryt, CTK

According to him, it will be different with Russia than with the Finns. “They have two forwards. It will be a big change. The stadium will be full here and the spectators will drive them. The pace will be much higher,” Straka said.

Hyka is looking forward to the fight with the Russians. “It’s definitely spiced up that I’m playing the third season in the KHL. We know the guys from the team, the confrontation will definitely be interesting. It’s always great to play for the players we play with all season,” said the Chelyabinsk striker.

The center will be David Krejčí, who, according to the agreement, only played in Prague. In the second attack, he will be replaced by Michael Špaček from Frölundy, who joined the team due to a start in the Champions League only on Wednesday. In the fourth formation, Lukáš Jašek will replace Adam Musil.

Expected composition of the Czech Republic:
Will – Šulák, J. Jeřábek, Klok, D. Musil, Ščotka, Krejčík, Pyrochta – Gulaš, Jan Kovář, Frolík – Řepík, M. Špaček, Sobotka – Hyka, L. Sedlák, A. Nestrašil – Blümel, Jašek, Flek – M. Kovařčík.

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Czech hockey players will play in Russia against Saturday in goal with Will –